Quily in my Morbihan!

And we go on, on an endless tour of my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of the region of Bretagne my belle France. The views,sights are indeed endless here and I am doing my best to introduce you to the off the beaten paths of my Brittany. Hope you are enjoying the ride as much as we do. This time a main topic is our wonderful small Quily! I passed by it and deserves a post in my blog!

Now this is going all out into the countryside on a very small village of about 230 folks! Part of my road warrior ways in my Morbihan. Easier on main roads such as the N166 out of Vannes direction Rennes and get off at sortie/exit Quily D766A direction Val d’Oust and from town city center take the D4/D143 direction Quily.  We went to Quily passing by Sérent in country road D174 , pure country and wonderful ride.

Quily comes from the old Breton “killi ” or bocage. The town is a dismemberment of the primitive parish of Sérent in the 15C.  The village of Quily was first attached to the canton of Guégon, then in 1801 to the canton of Josselin.  Quily became, on 1 January 2016, a town delegated to the new town of Val-d’Oust (old Le Roc St André). Val d’Oust is the result of the grouping of the three towns of Le Roc-Saint-André, Quily and La Chapelle-Caro.

Te main thing to see is the Church of Saint Nicodéme, and passed by. It was built in the 17C, is in the architectural style known as the “Latin cross”, and the 16C cemetery. It is a church inthe shape of a Latin cross, in a pseudo-classical style, built in 1689. The church houses altars dedicated to Saint Anne and the Virgin Mary. Under the southern porch is a chest with sculpted panels from the 16C. The Church was originally built as the Church of Notre Dame des Neiges (our lady of snow). Since 1802 the name is that of Saint Nicodéme.



The new city of Val d’Oust on its heritage includes the above churchhttps://www.mairie-valdoust.fr/les-monuments

And there you go folks again a wonderful Quily off the beaten path town of my beautiful Morbihan. The department 56 and region of Brittany to show you not only France is the most visited country in the world, but Brittany is the third most visited region of France! Enjoy  Quily!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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