An inland beauty of St Marcel of Morbihan!

I was drawn to  Saint Marcel inland Morbihan. It was a thrill to find more gems there. Coming from Malestroit  we continue as we heard about a Breton resistance museum of WWII in town. It was a nice ride and now looking forward to be back soon.

The best is by car from Vannes take the N166 direction Rennes and come off at exit/sortie D112 direction Bohal-Pleucadeuc / Saint-Marcel Malestroit , and follows direction Malestroit/Saint-Marcel on the D776, follow the signs for the city and museum. On the way out from Malestroit take the same D776 but get off at the D321 direction St Marcel to the museum. I do not think there is bus service here and no train station.

Arriving St Marcel, we notice the sign for the Museum of Breton Resistance in WWII or Musée de la Résistance Bretonne. It was a pleasant surprise for military history lovers like me; the weapons are all spread out n the yard from guns to bunkers and great history inside.  The inscription in their site pretty much sums up everything indeed,  Saint-Marcel, in the forests of Lanvaux, sheltered the largest Breton marquis (resistant fighters), where on June 18, 1944, a memorable combat of the Brittany and French history proceeded. Before the allies unload in Normandy, the parachutists of Free France were released on Brittany, and in the days which followed to Saint-Marcel where 2500 Breton gathered. These feats of arms of Resistance in Brittany, one of the first areas of France recognized for its heroism and its sacrifices deserve to be recognized, explained, commemorated and preserved forever. You come here and you too will recognized them.



The Musée de la Résistance Bretonne is not open to the public at the moment; huge renovation are going on and they hope to be open by September 2021. More reason for me to post this older post on it and do come back with the new museum later. The museum webpage:



You can take a peek of what the new museum will be in this official youtube video

Some other things to see in St Marcel good for a visit in my opinion are:

The Château de Sainte Geneviéve 19C burned by the nazis in 1944. The old Château des Hardys Béhéllec, burned by the nazis in 1944. The stele or stone monument to the killed by firing squad in WWII . The Church St Marcel built in 1865-1877 in Roman style. The Cross of Sainte Catherine from the middle ages and rebuilt in 1924.

The city of Saint Marcel and its heritage

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist board on the museum

There you go folks, some of the off the beaten path people asked me all the time well plenty in my belle France still to be discovered by many. Enjoy St Marcel in inland Morbihan of my  lovely Bretagne!

And remember ,happy travels good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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