Church of St Sauveur, Saint Goustan, Auray!!

And I bring you back to one of my favorite areas in all of my beautiful Morbihan. Not far from my house in fact about 15 minutes by car along the D768 direction Auray. I have written several posts on what to see in Auray, but need to do it for this church alone. Therefore, here is a brief on another off the beaten path when visiting my area. Let me tell you about the Church of Saint Sauveur in the district of Saint Goustan, town of Auray!!

The Saint-Sauveur Church is sometimes referred to as Saint-Goustan Church. You need to climb hilly cobblestone steps from Place St Sauveur or come around the back by car and walk downhill. All worth it hugely beautiful area , me think.


The Saint-Sauveur Church, whose origins date back to 1434, was largely destroyed by a fire in 1886. Rebuilt, the church retains the original of the portal. You can admire the carved wood furniture, including the pulpit where stands a statue of Saint Goustan, and the closing of the Choir.  The entrance facade includes, in gable, an ogive entrance carved with two leaves with crosses carved foliage; two transom panels with escutcheon and crown of thorn; gate or lower part treated in the style of Henry II or Louis XIII.



There are wonderful historical maquettes of ex voto boats inside protected with glass enclosures. The main ones are:

One coastal boat, the dream of Paul, work offered in memory of a passionate sailor, lover of the sea, who loved to sail in the Gulf of Morbihan and who, now, sails for eternity; sailor who at each stop at Saint-Goustan, came to the church of this picturesque little port

And the Orion, large scale model (the largest reported in Brittany) French warship spur, sailing and steaming. This model, deposited in 1908, was restored in 1994-1995, which was awarded in the category “ex-voto” during the national contest of the heritage of the coasts of France organized at that time by Chasse-Marée in 1996.  An explanatory note the origin and life of this replica of a warship built in the 1 / 33rd by the workshops of the Navy in Lorient in 1865, which bore several names: Saint-Goustan, the Gustannais, and the  Bigorneau (it was then painted in blue and white), before returning to its designation of origin and its initial state.  This 26 kg metal model served as a model for the Magenta  battleship built at the Lorient  dockyard. Freed from its glass case, it is now sailing with the winds, suspended under a chapel in the Saint-Sauveur Church.  A statue also represents the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus, an anchor at his side.


This is small Church, could be more like a Chapel, across from the Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes (see post), on the square facing each other, lovely quant, old section of a great port Saint Goustan. You will love it I assure you.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are:

The city of Auray on its heritage with map in French:

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Saint Goustan, Auray in English:

The Bretagne region tourist board on Saint Goustan, Auray in English:

There you go folks, another dandy in my beautiful Morbihan breton! Enjoy it as we do and great place to vist for walks and eating out! This is Saint Goustan and anchor by the Saint Sauveur Church!

And rememeber, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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