The Bégo bunkers of Plouharnel!!

Now here one of those pleasant surprises doing updates on older posts in my blog, something that have been awesome!! I have found many good sites that were initially overlook due to too many good ones here in my lovely Bretagne and my belle France! However, glad to have in my blog the Bégo bunkers of Plouharnel, part of the Atlantic Wall of WWII! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

plouharnel bunkers atlantic wall bunker and guns WWII dec19

Plouharnel is a town in my beautiful Morbihan Department 56 of my lovely Bretagne. This town is located at the bottom of Quiberon Bay, See the wonderful stories of this town in my blog and museums to boot. One big one here is that on July 16, 1795, a battle between Chouans (rebels against the French revolution ) and Republicans ( French revolutionaries) took place west of Plouharnel and South of Carnac, it was named the battle of Plouharnel. And the rest need to read it in my blog…..

Plouharnel bunker wwII entr jan14

For this post, I will tell you about the Bégo site, part of the town of Plouharnel on the beach dunes ,and do see the beaches here (see post) especially if you are a surfer!

The Bégo site of Plouharnel has nearly 180 concrete structures scattered around the dune of Plouharnel. This coastal defensive line fulfilled a double mission during WWII to protect the harbor of Lorient and the U. Boats of Admiral Dönitz and to prevent a possible landing of Allied troops on the Atlantic coast.

Plouharnel bunker gun turret of WWII mus jan14

In the spring of 1941, construction of the fulcrum began. They called on local but also foreign labor, volunteer workers, prisoners of war, deportees … Two years and 2,000 people will be needed to build this battery considered to be the most important and the most powerful of the Atlantic Wall.

Plouharnel bunkers ent far end to beach mus jan14

A farm installed on the dune produced the necessary food, animals and vegetables on site. On March 13, 1944, Marshal Rommel, on an inspection in Brittany, visited the Bego dune, had defenses added on the beach and reinforced the minefields. The visit of the “Desert Fox” on the Plouharnel dune demonstrates the strategic importance of the site. Nearly 100 bunkers, 4 cannon tanks, a firing tower are still visible and testify to the existence of a formidable military battery!

Plouharnel bunkers of WWII atlantic wall mus jan14

Of this military complex, today almost all of the bunkers which housed 700 soldiers remain. Each location has a 50 m3 tank, a shelter for a generator, ammunition reserves, and a shelter for 60 servants. On the dune, the firing observation tower, a structure which rises to 21 meters, can be seen from afar.

The city of Plouharnel on its heritage ,see the site of Bego:

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office the Bego Atlantic Wall site of Plouharnel:

There you go folks, a nice town to visit with history all around you and nice beach in Plouharnel. You can look the sights in my other posts, and hope you enjoy this historical site of Bégo on the beach dunes of Plouharnel!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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