The beaches of Dinard!

Ok so let’s talk about beaches as we are in full swing of summer in my belle France! Beaches with boys I have been to several all over the hexagone; and lately base in Bretagne, I had my sandful of them! As we are in a peninsula , tuck in with wonderful creeks and bays we are literally surrounded by wonderful beautiful beaches. This is the case of this post updated for you and me ,of the beaches of Dinard!

The town of  Dinard is situated in the Ille-et-Vilaine department 35 of the region of Brittany/Bretagne. The seaside resort of Dinard is located on the Emerald Coast, close to the limit with the Côtes-d’Armor (dept 22) and the city of Saint-Malo (where the Rance makes the separation). This is the tidal power plant of the Rance, located in the village of La Richardais, a technological feat of the 1960s and a tourist attraction, which connects Dinard and Saint-Malo. Dinard is the first seaside resort in France to safeguard its architectural heritage of the late 19C by classifying 407 villas and buildings. The rest of the history can be found in my previous posts on Dinard.

The town has four main beaches with a monitoring station and seasonal equipment; these are Port-Blanc, also located in the town of Saint-Lunaire, along which is located the municipal campsite; Saint-Énogat, located near the old district of Saint-Énogat; L’Ecluse, main beach of the city near the city center; the casino, the Olympic heated seawater swimming pool, the convention center, are located along this beach; and the Prieuré  at the eastern end of the Clair de Lune promenade.

The one we go the most and really enjoy as one of the best beaches here is the L’Ecluse or lock.  It was at the initiative of Edouard Legros  that established mobile huts on the banks of the Ecluse for sea-bathing. In a petition addressed to the prefect, he sought permission to create on this beach, below the height of the plans of mars, a fixed hut and a furnace necessary for the exploitation of its establishment. He then undertakes to demolish his work at the first requisition. Authorization is granted for a period of 9 years from July 1, 1859. Each cabin contains a bench and a tub of warm water, essential to warm up after the bath taken to the blade. These therapeutic structures, which are more oriented towards the bathers than to the purists, offer many services to their clientele: rental of cabins, bathing suits, towels and other small beach equipment. The rest is history, the best beach in Dinard and the area.



Another nice beach is that at Saint-Enogat which is the historical center of Dinard. By the way, until 1879, the official name of the town was Saint-Enogat. The Saint-Enogat Beach benefits from a very well equipped beach. It offers a beautiful vieSome webpages to help you plan your trip here arew of the islets, rocks, forts that guard the entrance to the port of Saint-Malo.



And last for me is the Prieuré Beach located in front of the beautiful Port Breton Park. When the sea is low, its seawater pool allows you to swim without getting away from your towel. The young can paddle at leisure and the older ones indulge in swimming.



Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are:

The city of Dinard on its beaches in French:

The Dinard Côte d’Emeraude tourist office on the beaches of Dinard

My fav beach webpage plages tv on the beaches of Dinard

There you go folks, another wonderful spot to spend your summers in beautiful Brittany or Bretagne, up north indeed and still great beach fronts to enjoy with the whole family. Enjoy the beaches of Dinard!

And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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