Church Notre Dame de Locmaria of Quiberon!

Well if you have read my blog, you know this is my favorite area to spent my time. The peninsula of Quiberon is gorgeous and full of interesting spots. I have written widely on it in different posts before, but feel obligated to tell you a bit more on some of our interests that might be of yours too.  Quiberon, been a peninsula has beautiful beaches very much sought out by other Europeans as well. However, it has some interesting monuments located in quant nice city center full of shops, restos,and bars in the bourg or as well call here city center of the administration part of a town.

Therefore,  let me tell you a bit  more of the  Church of Notre Dame de Locmaria  in the bourg  of Quiberon!  The  Église Notre-Dame-de-Locmaria is at the entrance to the old section towards the beaches in city center Quiberon, we were just there for the first time several years back just before a wedding was to take place, very nice, no photos.  It is our walks now when we go in the main road into the town and parked for free by the train station or gare de  Quiberon, and then walk into the beach area minutes away. It is located in city center bourg at Place du Repos.


The Church of Notre Dame de Locmaria was built in the 15C when the parish seat was transferred from the prieural Chapel of St Clement to the town, entirely redone in 1654, it will be wearing a Lantern Tower only in the 19C. Ransacked by the English of Admiral Lestock’s army in 1746, it would even serve as a hospital for the Chouans and the emigrants in 1795 (fight against the French revolution). But it was in 1900 that a storm damaged the Bell Tower destroying much of the roof. The Church in its present form dates from 1906.


All in beige granite, sober, it occupies the highest point of the town. To see, when open, the Altar of the emigrants Breton in granite and bronze of the 20C ,and a painting of Pierre Roux of 1884, the baptism of Christ. The bells date from 1871 and come from the old church and carry inscriptions to identify them and to know their donors. The first Bell is called “Louise-Marie” and the second Bell is called “Joséphine-Félicité “. There is an ex-voto , a model of the Melpomène, a frigate dated from the 19C.




Some webpages to help you plan your trip here and is a must to Quiberon and why not stop by the Church of Our Lady of the Assomption.

The city of Quiberon on its heritage

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Quiberon:

There you go folks, another nice gem to see in beautiful Quiberon. And to add around the Church you have the city center admin area with plenty of shops to spent your day shopping away as well!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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