The Place Vendôme of Paris!

Now this is classic Paris, one of the reason many come to my eternal Paris. I happenned to be lucky to work steps from it and walked thru it every day for several years working in Paris! It is a sublime square to be in just to say you were there and maybe can afford some shopping ! This is the Place Vendôme of Paris! Let me tell you a bit more on this updated older post.

So we are coming into more chic ,cache places in my eternal Paris and also closer to my work area there. This is a very famous square, and the world goes by it but seldom you see the immense number of faboulous mansions around it. I know but can’t show you that most of the part covering the side of the Jardin des Tuileries is own by the Sultan of Brunei!  This is ultra chic and the inside of some of these buildings which unfortunately can’t show any photos is just too gorgeous.


The Place Vendôme is located in the 1éme arrondissement of Paris, and at the north side of the Jardin des Tuileries (see posts), south of the Opéra Garnier (see post) and east of the Madeleine Church (see post). It is one of the most famous places in Paris and considered one of the most luxurious in the world. It was called Place Vendôme from the 17C from the Hôtel de Vendôme, which was located there.


A bit of history i like!

It was formerly the Place Louis le Grand and, originally, the Place de Conquêtes (conquests). It was given the name Place des Piques (spades) during the French revolution. It was named Place Internationale in 1871, during the second commune of Paris, during which the Vendôme column was destroyed by the Communards, who saw it as a symbol of Napoleon’s tyranny and militarism. The Anarchist painter Gustave Courbet participated in his provocative fall during the commune of Paris. He was heavily condemned to rebuild it and restore it at its own expense. The colonne (column) was inspired by the Trajan column of Rome, and done here  to commemorate the Battle of Austerlitz, in its summit the statue of Napoleon dress as a Caesar was made in 1863.(of course)


In 1685, the idea to built it was though of when Louvois purchased the Hôtel de Vendôme and the Convent of the Capucines, which were located north of rue Saint-Honoré. On their site, others propose to built a large rectangular square, entirely open on Rue Saint-Honoré and destined to be lined with large public buildings, such as a Royal Library, Hotel de la Monnaie, Hotel des Academies, Hotel des ambassadors, etc. At the bottom of the square, the façade must be pierced by a monumental arcade that will leave the convent of the Capucines, which is rebuilt north of the new square in 1688. In 1699, the public programme of 1685 was abandoned in favour of a private operation. The King sells the land to the city and the facades, which had been built for the inauguration, are demolished in order to reduce the right-of-way of the square by twenty meters on each side. The new square is surrounded by private hotels behind uniform façades, and designed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart.

In 1764, the fair Saint Ovid moved to the square before moving in 1771 to the place Louis XV, later place de la revolution and finally Place de la Concorde. From 1793 to 1799, the square took the name Place des Piques. In 1806, the Rue de la Paix was pierced at the site of the Convent of the Capucines, and the column Vendôme was raised in 1810 at the site of the statue (destroyed) of Louis XIV, The column is surmounted by a statue of Napoleon in Caesar. This first statue was suppressed under the monarchy of July in 1831 to be replaced by a statue of Bonaparte in little corporal style. A copy of the original effigy was restored in April 1863 by a replica. The column was shot down in 1871 by the Communards, and once restored, was re-established in 1873.

Not to mention too much in detail as it will be very long , here are the buildings in the Place de Vendome: No. 1: Hotel Bataille des Francès; No. 3: Hôtel de Coëtlogon, No. 5: Hôtel Orsigny, No. 7: Hotel Lebas de Montargis, No. 9: Hôtel de Villemaré, No. 11: Hôtel de Simiane, No. 13: Hotel de Bourvallais, (Minister of Justice) No. 15: Hotel de Gramont; No. 17: Hotel de Crozat; No. 19: Hotel of Evreux; No. 21: Hotel de Fontpertuis; No. 23: Hotel de Boullongne; No. 25: Hôtel Jacques V Gabriel No 2: Hotel Marquet de Bourgade; No. 4: Hotel Heuzé de Vologer, No. 6: Hotel Thibert des Martrais, No. 8: Hotel Delpeche de Chamot, No. 10: Hôtel de Latour-Maubourg, No. 12: Hotel Baudard de Saint-James, No. 14: Hotel de La Fare, No. 16: Hotel Mouffle, No. 18: Hotel Duchy of Tournelles, No. : Hôtel de Parabère, No. 22: Hôtel de Ségur, No. 24: Hotel de Boffrand, No. 26: Hôtel de Nocé, and No. 28: Hotel Gaillard de la Bouëxière.

Before becoming a central place for  jewelry that we know nowadays, Place Vendôme is, with the Rue de la Paix, the epicenter of Parisian elegance for half a century, counting many couturiers or milliners. It is especially Charles Frederick Worth, inventor of haute couture, who gives his letters of nobility to the ensemble formed by the Rue de la Paix and the place that extends it. In 1858, Worth opens at 7, rue de la Paix. The first jeweller who settled on the square was Frédéric Boucheron in 1893.

Place Vendôme is accessed by the Rue de Castiglione (my work street!!) from the rue de Rivoli and the Jardin des Tuileries and by the Rue de la Paix from the Place de la Opéra. Gorgeous you need walk this area!

The official webpage of Place Vendôme in French:

The Paris tourist office on the place Vendôme

One group that I need to tell even if cannot be visited itself, is the group of merchants of the Place Vendôme that look after its maintenance as a center of luxury and excellence in Paris, the Comité Vendôme!  The Vendôme committee has 107 members, such as Chopard, Thatcht, Dior, Chanel, Buccellati, Goyard, Bouchern, Guerlain, Breguet, Christofe, Bulgari, Cartier, Tiffany & Co, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Luis Vuitton, de Grisogono, Patel Philippe, Piaget, Schiaparelli, Van Cleef & Arpels, the Meurice and the Ritz Paris hotels… All governed by a common value, Excellence. The webpage in English:

There you go folks, Paris is excellence, good life, good living and class, my eternal Paris has a lot more always more, after all squares such as the Place Vendôme is what makes it the most beautiful city in the world!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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