Place du Tertre of Paris!

Well this is one of those places sorry that over the years have been abuse from the tourist point of view. It is of course, very popular and overloaded with visitors. To me it has lost the charm of old as when I first came to see it back in 1990. However, did wrote a post on it and would like to updated for you and me. Hoping you enjoy the Place du Tertre of Paris and Montmartre.

As any visitor/tourist would attest, coming here is like a pilgrimage while in Paris. I admit came here in 1990 for the glamour in the travel books as my French family was not taken none of this. It immediately struck as an overpopulated square loaded with visitor/tourists walking around and so popular! Many cheap portraits made in China but signed by locals !indeed. It was a one time impression and I believe been back maybe once after that. Montmartre has better places to be ,but if you are here for only a visit or is your first time then do come if simply for the bragging rights ! I was here!

A bit on the history of the Place du Tertre of Montmartre…Paris.

The place du Tertre is located on the Butte Montmartre, in the neighborhood or quartier of Clignancourt of the 18éme district or arrondissement. It is at 130 meters above sea level. It is named because of its situation on the heights of Montmartre.  It corresponds to the center of the old village of Montmartre, a few meter from the Basilica of Sacré-Coeur and the Church of Saint-Pierre in Montmartre (see posts). This site is served by the metro stations Abbesses (line 12) and Anvers (line 2), as well as by the Montmartrobus. I have come and parked at the parking Anvers 500 meters from Sacre-Coeur at 41 boulevard de Rochechouart.


With its numerous artists erecting their easels each day for tourists, the Place du Tertre is a reminder of the time when Montmartre was the place of modern art: At the end of the 19C and at the beginning of the 20C, many painters such as Toulouse-Lautrec , Picasso, Modigliani and Utrillo lived there. This square, which is the center of the old town of Montmartre, was already formed in the 14C and bordered by the closing wall of the Montmartre Abbey. It was on this square that the sinister forks of the abbesses of Montmartre stood.

At the end of the siege of Paris, (during Franco-Prussian war) the National Guards stored part of the 171 cannons that were stocked on the mound. On March 18, 1871, General Lecomte attempted to remove them, causing a riot that will be at the origin of the commune of Paris of 1871.   On December 24, 1898, an oil car driven by Louis Renault, its builder (and later Renault automobiles), reached the Place du Tertre.

Remarkable buildings on the Place du Tertre are: corner of Rue du Mont-Cenis: Hotel Boya.  No. 3: Old city /town Hall of Montmartre. No. 6: Restaurant A la Mére Catherine, founded in 1793. No. 9: Maison de Maurice Douard. No. 15: It is this location that was located the Telegraph which was experimented in 1822. Actually we ate at Chez Eugéne 17 Place du Tertre on a memorable lunch way back on that special year as above. We had come back and for the memories here is their webpage:

paris place-de-tertre-montmartre-paris c2009

To know more about the Place du Tertre, check out the Paris tourist office:

A local webpage on Montmartre Addict ( a load of info on the butte!) in French shows plans for renovation on the square are planned delay by the virus but ongoing, its about time something is done:

And there you go folks, another place ,square, street to get lost in eternal Paris and dream on even if with plenty of help around you. Enjoy the place du Tertre at least once!

And remember, happy travels ,good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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