The Maison des Sancerres!!!

And I am staying around Sancerre, this time with more time to see things than in the past. My last minute road warrior idea of a vacation took off by car in 5h25 to the beautiful Sancerre  in the Cher dept 18 of the region of Centre Val de Loire! Again, all around this is wine country but I will give something more new pictures. Hope you enjoy it as we did!!

I have enjoy the trip here and will look forward to be back. As done several posts here in Sancerre where we were base and also Bourges (see posts). However, there are some sights that will do apart on a single post as think they deserve special attention. This is the case of the Maison des Sancerre!

As I have said in previous post, I came here very early on around 2005 with a group of co-workers just to stop by the Maison des Sancerre. It was a quick trip but the memories lingered. As we were trying to figure out where to go next in our road warrior trips, we decided last minute to come to Sancerre. It was nice, we love it, and gave me time to really see the Maison des Sancerre; the wines of the region house.

The wonderful Maison des Sancerre was before becoming this house-museum, this beautiful building of blond stones served as the home of a certain Lord Herry, as indicated by the mention of the register of parishes in the city: The Lord Herry, having sold his large house in the rue de la Paix, to the Comte de Sancerre, had to build another important home near Saint-Jean. Built at the end of the 15C on the foundations of a 12C.


This house benefited from the mobilization of nearly 400 Sancerre winegrowers who restored and refurbished it to make it the Maison des Sancerres. A house dedicated … to wine! We love it here and tasted great Sancerres at the end of the museum tour. It has change a lot since my first visit back several years!!!

And the anecdote was that the lady at the counter for the admission tickets (8€) and the wine tasting lives in Barcelona, working here on an assignment job and was born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba!! Amazing indeed!!!

Once inside you go thru a circuit of 8 stages showcasing the whole of the Sancerre wines from terroir to vinification.  Stage 1 is the cellars of lands or cave des terroirs. Stage 2 is the land or the Soils. Stage 3 is the périscope with a view of 360 degrees.Stage 4 is the wall or the mur of Sancerre with a video presentation. Stage 5 is the cuve or how red wine is made.Stage 6 is the Cinema D4, sitting in a chair it moves up down sides like a star wars ride thru the vineyards! Stage 7 is the S’Pace showing the making of wine from the grape up! And stage 8 is the aromatic garden or the jardin des Sancerre with plants showing the smell of the vineyard and sauvignon blanc grape plants!!




At the next step is the tasting from several bottles and years which can be done inside or on the terrace in the garden. The tasting is included in the admission price; however, you can ask for more with additional charges like 4 wines for 13€.We tried the cailloux soil white delicious and the older vintage 2014 nicely given by the host.Last is the boutique with all kinds of items wine related but also from local artists. In all worth the stop by all.





Due to the pandemic, the visits are done by appt in different times starting about 11h to 17h15 and for 2021 the Maison des Sancerre is open from March 29th to November 14.

The Sancerre tourist office on the Maison des Sancerre

Again, the Berry province local tourist office on the Maison des Sancerres

As this is strongly related to wines let me give some webpages on the wines of Sancerre!

The Loire Valley AOC on Sancerre

The more specific Central Loire Valley on wines of Sancerre:

There you go folks, a dandy in Sancerre to visit first before heading to the winemakers! We had a good time here and as said above, a nice encounter indeed! Hope you enjoy our visit to the Maison des Sancerre and reading my posts on the town. Until next time….

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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