Visiting Bourges!!

Ok so i was again in the wonderful city of Bourges! Again, I have written several posts on the city and its things to see over the years in my blog and you are welcome to browse to see them. This was a new visit as we were in the area of Sancerre and is only 43 km to Bourges we decided to give it another visit; we love it!!

I have done a new post on the Cathedral , so let me tell you on this post about the other things to see we like there. Remember, also, written on them before ,this one is with new pictures. Just let me give you a brief introduction for my new readers and update for the old! And again, thank you for reading my blog since Nov 2010, appreciated.

Bourges is in department 18 or the region of Centre Val de Loire . It is also the historic capital of Berry, a province of the Ancien Régime (monarchy) corresponding approximately to the current departments of Indre et Cher.No 37. A   few tens of kms from the geometric center of metropolitan France, and 240 km (about 149 miles) south of Paris.

The bit of history I like here is that from the beginning of the 12C, Bourges became the capital of a viscount, until the last viscount of Bourges, Eudes d’Arpin in 1101 sold his fiefs to the king of France in order to finance his crusade. Bourges therefore enters the royal domain, the property of the Crown. In the 14C the city became the capital of the Duchy of Berry, which was given to Jean de Berry, third son of the King of France Jean le Bon, and brother of King Charles V. This great lord, son, brother, and uncle of king, peer of France, develops in his capital a sumptuous court.

From the beginning of the 16C, the city of Bourges shone with its University. It welcomes the greatest humanists of the time and in particular great law professors such as Alciat, Le Douaren or Cujas. It was under Alciat that the future reformer Jean Calvin studied law (for 18 months) and it was in Bourges, then one of the places where the wind of the Reformation was blowing the strongest, that he fell under the influence of his German Greek-speaking teacher Melchior Wolmar who converted him to the Lutheran faith.

I have written on the palace of Jacques Coeur (see post) built at the end of the 15C,  but this time went by what was his birth house now a bar! It was acquired in 1420. For reference here is the city of Bourges on the palace webpage:



I did not stop by this time but do have a previous post on Berry Museum house in the Hôtel Cujas (see post). For reference here is the city of Bourges on the Berry museum:—leisure_berry-museum

And this is the webpage of the Berry region tourist office on Bourges! They say the 10 not to missed places:

There you go folks, a dandy city to visit, and even for a day we enjoy it again. Hope you find the time when possible to stop by Bourges, you will be glad. We shall return!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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