The Château de Sancerre!!

And I am staying around Sancerre, this time with more time to see things than in the past. My last minute road warrior idea of a vacation took off by car in 5h25 to the beautiful Sancerre  in the Cher dept 18 of the region of Centre Val de Loire! Again, all around this is wine country but I will give something more new pictures. Hope you enjoy it as we did!!

I have enjoy the trip here and will look forward to be back. As done several posts here in Sancerre where we were base and also Bourges (see posts). However, there are some sights that will do apart on a single post as think they deserve special attention. This is the case of the Château de Sancerre and its tour!!

The Château de Sancerre  was one of the strongest medieval castles built in France. It was the seat of the Counts of Sancerre whose family members were Grand Officers of the Kingdom of France: like Louis de Sancerre, Constable of France. The future Charles VII and Joan of Arc stayed at the castle of Sancerre, then a strategic place on the border of the kingdom of Bourges. Few traces of its fortifications remain: only foundations, cellars or parts of ramparts. The site of the old castle is now occupied by a Louis XII style mansion dated 1874, and a private park, owned by the Société Marnier-Lapostolle. (grand marnier among other wines etc). In 1919, Louis-Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle, the inventor of the Grand Marnier liqueur, out of love for his hometown, bought the Château de Sancerre and part of the vines. He transforms the old outbuildings of the castle into cellars and develops his vineyard, while actively contributing to the reputation of this wine. Today, the vineyard covers 56 hectares and is the only Sancerre wine that can be marketed under the exclusive name of “Château de Sancerre”. The castle is visited by appt and to see the cellars; which is where we like, wines!

The roads of the Loire wines for tours of the castle and tastings in English:

The official Château de Sancerre webpage:





The Tour des fiefs , Place du Connetable (next to the castle). The Tower of the Fiefs has 195 steps; which I did gloriously, and a height of 40 meters, this last vestige of the old feudal castle offers a beautiful panoramic view of Sancerre and its region; the back is adorned with a magnificent wisteria planted in 1903. The castle was dismantle in 1621 after the last revolt against the king. The Tour des Fiefs, one of the last vestiges of the castle of the Counts of Sancerre, is a cylindrical keep, dating from the end of the 14C, located at the top of the hill. Flanked by a spiral stone staircase, it houses on the ground floor a private museum containing armor and cannonballs, witnesses of the period of the siege of 1573. On the 1st floor is an 18C chapel. The castle of the Counts of Sancerre and the city walls were demolished in 1621.

More on the tour des fiefs in the Sancerre tourist office in English:




As this is strongly related to wines let me give some webpages on the wines of Sancerre!

The Loire Valley AOC on Sancerre

The more specific Central Loire Valley on wines of Sancerre

There you go folks, a wonderful historical and architecturally stunning castle right in the town of Sancerre! The Château de Sancerre is a nice property and great wines to say the least. Hope you enjoy this tour in my blog ; thank you for reading me since November 2010!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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