The Institut du Monde Arabe of Paris!

Now this was a chance to see something different. I was in a group that held an event here and I was invited! Lovely to see things not shown to the general public if only memorable as could not take pictures. However, some I did and would like to update this older post in my blog. The wonderful Institut du Monde Arabe of Paris! or the Arab World Institute.

Ok so this is not really a museum or it can be used as such, its a window to the Arab world so much in the French psyche from even colonial times. The place was visited by me a while back, and it was a pleasant experience. If we take from this place any lessons is that we can live together with differences and respect. I like to tell you a bit more on the Arab World Institute of Paris.

L’Institut du monde arabe (IMA) or the Arab World Institute is a Parisian cultural institute dedicated to the Arab world. It is located in the heart of historic Paris, in the 5éme arrondissement, on the place Mohammed-V, between the Quai Saint-Bernard and the campus of Jussieu. The Foundation act was signed on February 28, 1980.


The Institute is supported by a foundation created jointly by the French Republic and the following States, all members of the Arab League: Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Djibouti, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, the Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Qatar, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen (at the time the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen and the Arab Republic of Yemen).

The north façade is turned towards the historical Paris, it symbolizes the relationship to the ancient city, present in a allusive way on the facade. The southern facade takes up the historical themes of the Arabic geometry since it is composed of 240 moucharabiehs. The latter are equipped with diaphragms which can open and close; This was initially to be done according to the Sun, in order to fulfil the role of thermal regulator, but the photocells charged with driving this device showed failures, so that the opening and closing are now every time change.

The permanent collection are divided into three floors and offers visitors:

7th floor: The Arab world before the A.H.;

5th floor: The Arab-Islamic world;

4th Floor: The expansion of Islam: India, Iran, Turkey.

Temporary exhibitions present to the general public the heritage of the Arab countries, from prehistory to the present day. The Library of the Institute of the Arab World (BIMA) presents, through its encyclopaedic and multilingual collections, the Arab culture and civilization. It is thus part of one of the objectives set by the IMA: to develop and deepen in France the study, the knowledge and the understanding of the Arab world, its language, its civilization and its development effort. There is also a youth library for young audiences up to 12 years old.


The institute also has: performances; activities for young audiences,  A bookstore; a smoking room; An audiovisual room where you can see the news of Arab countries and films; A learning center for the Arabic language ;  A gourmet restaurant with a view of Paris (wonderful) ; A store where artisanal objects are sold; The museum Mobile Art, given by Chanel.

In 2016, it opened an antenna at Tourcoing (nord 59). Settled in the former swimming school, rue Gabriel-Peri, with a space dedicated to a permanent collection, a language centre and a space devoted to small forms of shows and lectures.. Webpage:

Some webpages to help you plan your visit here and it is an eye opener are:

The Official Institut du Monde Arabe

The Paris tourist office on the IMA

There you go folks, another unique off the beaten path visit to do in my eternal Paris. The IMA is very educational, historical with a beautiful architecture, worth the detour. Hope you enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. The moucharabieh facade is original and a good subject for a photo. I went to visit several exhibitions, there is also a beautiful view on the islands of the Seine.

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  2. This looks like an awesome place to visit 🙂

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