A park or better a garden of Ranelagh!

And back at you on my eternal Paris. So much to see and enjoy in the most beautiful city in the world!!! I have many posts on Paris and this is one of the nicest simply because it is in my favorite part of the city away from my old jobs areas. Let me tell you about a park and garden of Ranelagh in the 16éme arrondissement.

On my Paris swing, let me tell you a bit more on a wonderful seldom visited park, or garden , me think both of Paris 16éme. This is actually my fav area if had the money to live there comfortable, consolation lived in Versailles by Notre Dame, not too shabby anyway! Love the lived in V and worked in P ! This Jardins du Ranelagh sits in my fav area or neighborhood of Muette in the 16éme district of Paris. Tucked right behind the Chaussée de la Muette and the BP boulevard périphérique between the Porte de la Muette, and Porte de Passy, and just by my fav restaurant La Gare!

The jardin du Ranelagh is a green area of the 16éme arrondissement named after Lord Ranelagh, a noble, politician and English diplomat. It is an English garden designed by the engineer Jean-Charles Alphand, the main designer of the Parisian parks and woodlands under the Haussmann era. its puppet theater is famous. On its western edge is the Marmottan Monet Museum. The streets immediately adjoining the garden are also known to include the largest concentration of embassies and international institutions of Paris.


The Petit Ranelagh was a fashionable place at the end of the 18C. It was opened in 1774 in the gardens of the Castle de la Muette, as a guard of the gate of Passy, with an entrance to have the land dedicated to dances on the gardens of the castle de la Muette and to have a café and restaurant built in imitation of the gardens of the Ranelagh created by Lord Ranelagh, for his gardens of his house in Chelsea, in London and opened since 1742.

During the French revolution, the park or parc de la Muette became a place of the muscadine culture and the counter-revolution, after, in 1790, the first anniversary of the oath of the jeu de paume was celebrated there, at a banquet in which Danton and Robespierre participated. Its success was not disproved during the consulate and the Empire either. The ball was requisitioned by the Russian detachments during the occupation of Paris in 1814-1815, and the ballroom was transformed into a stable and then a hospital. In 1818, a hurricane destroyed the buildings.

What is the park garden of Ranelagh.

The six-hectare public garden was created in 1860 by Baron Haussmann in honor of Lord Ranelagh. It extends and reshuffles the pavement and the parc de la muette .Set in a triangle, the present garden has been embellished over time by many sculpted groups, for example: a Cain in marble of Joseph Caillé dating from 1871, childish figures like the Fisherman and Meditation, from early 1880’s, and a large group dedicated to Jean de La Fontaine, circa 1900, which was endowed with new bronzes in 1984. And around the statue was my fav area for walks with my boys. In the early 20C, rare tree species were also planted in addition to the ash and chestnut trees. In the garden there is a puppet theater,including the Clown Buffo and a merry-go-round which is one of the oldest in Paris. With wooden horses, it always works on the crank, and very popular with Parisien families of the district including my boys!! When younger….

paris jardin du ranelaigh marionnettes theater 28apr12

The garden was bordered, to the north, until about 1920, by the closing of the parc of the Castle de la Muette, former Royal domain which belonged since 1820 to the factor of pianos and harps Sébastien Érard and then to his heirs. On its southern side, until 1985, by the railway line of the petite ceinture (small belt), of which the Gare de la Muette served the garden. Now a famous restaurant mentioned in my blog several times La Gare and many friends taken there including those from the old defunct travel forum site virtualtourist... The garden is accessible by the Chaussée de la Muette (extension of the Rue de Passy), the Avenue Raphaël and the Avenue Ingrés. It has the rare peculiarity for a Parisian park to be open as well during the day as at night. It is thus frequented at all hours by the residents who come to take a walk and some air.

paris jardin du ranelagh statue 28apr12

The garden is bordered by Avenue Raphaël to the east, the Boulevard de Beauséjour to the south and the Allée Pilâtre-de-Rozier to the north. The embassies of Gabon, Afghanistan, Madagascar, India and the Sudan and the OECD (taken tours here very nice old Rockefeller house) have an entrance to the garden.   This site is served by the Metro stations La Mute (line 9) and Ranelagh (line 9). The bus line RATP 32 (link between the Porte of Auteuil and the Gare de l’Est) passes by the Chaussée de la Muette. The train station RER C of Boulainvilliers also is   located nearby.

The city of Paris on the Ranelagh: https://www.paris.fr/equipements/jardin-du-ranelagh-1778

The Paris tourist office on the Ranelagh: https://en.parisinfo.com/paris-museum-monument/71178/Jardin-du-Ranelagh

There you go folks, a nice stroll park, beautiful garden and chic upper neighborhood of daily Parisian life. You will do wonders to eat at La Gare ,(sadly closed) the old Gare de la Muette train station now a huge restaurant with brunches on Sundays on all you can eat scheme. I need to go back again…!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Regarding the OECD headquarters, I am not sure about Rockefeller, but the château was built by a member of the Rothschild family.

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