One more time in Perros Guirec !!

This was trips with the family a couple times. I had older posts and this one was mix in with Ploumanac’h which is next door. So, I decided to split them into two post for clearer information. The memories are always grand the area is worth the trip. Let me tell you a bit more on Perros Guirec!!

So back at you from my north Brittany heaven; indeed all seems beautiful around me, and I notice feel lucky to be here. Again I have to thanks for my dear late wife Martine for showing me her country since 1989 and to be part of it since 2000, and living in it since 2003!!!  I have written before but need to tell you ,must tell you again about this beautiful magical Breton area of Perros Guirec way up in the Côtes d’Armor dept 22 of my lovely Bretagne!

Perros-Guirec is a town 78 km from Saint Brieuc, 175 km from Rennes and 524 km from Paris. And 162 km from my town! Perros is a Breton toponym composed of Penn, meaning “bout, end” and Roz, “coastal promontory”. Guirec is the Anthroponyme from the holy founder of the place, Saint Guirec, in modern Breton, the name of the town is Perroz-Gireg. Locally we only talk about Perros. The town has two emblems: The Puffin, a small sea bird with a colorful beak whose largest colony in France breeds in the Sept-Îles, and the hydrangea flower particularly present in the city and the gardens of the private individuals. Perros-Guirec mainly lives in tourism. During the summer, the city takes on another dimension both in activities (sports, cultural and economic) and in population (which multiplies by about 8). It is known as a family resort with a few fine sandy beaches (Trestraou and Trestrignel) and its coastline is partly composed of pink granite blocks with impressive shapes (the pink granite coast)


The town has three main beaches. Trestraou’s is sunny. There are the casino and the Convention Center, where exhibitions are often held. It is from this beach that you will embark to visit the Sept-Îles (seven islands) that surround it, among which Rouzic Island (the island of birds), uninhabited, but where resident gulls and Bassan birds are. The beach of Trestrignel is more beaten by the winds. Quite wild, which makes its charm, it is like cashed at the bottom of a coast, and is bordered by the point of the castle, rocky headland from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the islands, especially on the island Tomé (which is not part of Sept-Îles). The cove of Pors Kamor; The shelter and the boat of the SNSM President Toutain (SNS 098); the volunteer life savers organisation in France that also serve as lifegurad on the beaches. The wonderful beaches of Saint-Guirec; as well as Bastille.  . The port of Perros-Guirec, at the harbor (lower part of the town of Perros).



Things to see, my favorites, again there are plenty of things to see and do around Perros Guirec!

The House of Maurice Denis, painter Nabi and impressionist above the beach of Trestrignel. Built in 1894 . The name of the city   “Silencio” is an allusion to the Spanish origins of the actress who made her built, Marcelle Josset. It was in 1908 that the painter Maurice Denis acquired it. During WWII the house was occupied by the Nazis who partially deteriorated it. Unique here , and I came to see the museum in Saint-Germain-en- Laye ( Yvelines 78).

Christian Gad and Daniel Chhe Sculpture Park: Located between the La Clarté and Ploumanac’h (at the entrance of the latter), this park contains numerous granite sculptures, including those of Pierre Székely who made numerous stays in Perros-Guirrec in the years 1980-90 to carve the granite Rose. Very nicely city life where locals mingle freely and nice, bonjour is the norm!

Church of St. James, (see post)the church was dedicated to Saint James because the city was a place of passage for the road to Santiago de Compostela, for pilgrims from Great Britain; There are also some scallop shells engraved at the front pieces of the doors. The pardon of St. James is celebrated on the last Sunday of July.

Notre-Dame de La Clarté Chapel (see post).This chapel was built in 1445 following a vow made by the Marquis of Barac’h, who was saved from a shipwreck. On the mound adjoining this chapel, a Grand Mass is celebrated every year in honour of Notre-Dame-de-la-Clarté on 15 August.

The Sept-Îles, archipelago of small islands off Perros, the most important is the island of the monks with its lighthouse and its fort; Riouzig Island (Rouzic) is one of the largest ornithological reserves in France of seabirds (Sept-Îles nature Reserve); Off the coast of pink granite, between Perros-Guirec and Trégastel, is the Sept-Iles archipelago (Rouzic Island, Malban Island, Bono Island, Monks Island, Flat Island, Costans, deer), Undisputed kingdom of sea birds. Consevatoire du LIttoral on the Sept Ïles:


A wonderful place for a weekend with the family and more, very well prize so reserve in advance for lodgings. Some webpages to help you plan your trip here , and worth it me think are:

The town of Perros Guirec on things to do/see:

The Brittany region tourist board on Perros Guirec:

The Côtes d’Armor dept 22 tourist board on Perros Guirec:

Again this is a wonderful coastal area and I am sure you will love it. Remember the name Perros Guirec.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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