Never enough of Vannes!!!

Indeed, my capital city of Vannes in my beautiful Morbihan and my lovely Bretagne. This was nice to have near and had worked within it for almost 9 years in the area. We go there every week, sometimes we think we have been there more than in our town!! Let me update this post and refresh the text/links as indeed never enough of Vannes!!!

As I was originally writing this post I was getting ready to go on one of my long trips to Asia and the temp here was only 1C  in the morning and afternoon went up to 6C, cold and will continue like this next week. I did on the trp and it was hot over there in the 30’s lol!!   The trip was mostly of errands but most were in the capital city of Vannes ,also, not far from city center in the countryside in a castle ruins of 1504 was my last employer now retired!


The day started as usual with a regular trip to EasyCash so my boys can sell some of their old stuff from books, dvd, cd, video games etc, the cash collected there they turn it into new games at Micromania all in Vannes. We continue into our wonderful Saturday morning market in old town Vannes mainly done around the place du poids public and place des Lices. We loaded on cheeses of different types, and fruits fresh and dry as well including some mangos from Brazil! And believe for the first time took a picture of what happened after the market close!!


As we had time and parked on the streets of a side road near Le Port harbor marina we did our usual walk around the old town  ,always lovely to do. While walking we got hungry so we decided to re visit an old favorite. It used to be called Cat Way when came into the area and later change to Le Gambetta. Well nice folks, but the service was slow beyond regular French time, and the food well the pizzas were not well cook on the edges. I did better ordering fish soup and a nems greens salad. All wash down with Heineken and Affligem beers, finishing with the popular cafe gourmand (coffee and small varied cakes); all came out to 25.50€ per person. They have a nice Facebook page:



The port area is always very nice and lively with good ambiance here so we took additional walks around Le  Port harbor marina.  We did some additional walks and decided to get some good chow at La Trinitaine store in Place des Lices, grabbing traditional Breton fish soup, and tuna terrines for a late night munch.  This is our favorite Breton tradition goodies store here.



Once done , we headed home to do our groceries just past the expressway N165 into our favorite hypermarket of E Leclerc. This is huge and practically you can buy all here, althought we preferred to only get the grocery basics and leave the food for especialized stores that offers the best of France and the world. Of course, coming home to our town, we could not past by without the omnipresent baguette bread in our favorite bakery Boulangerie Delumeau (now closed under new owners Y et E and still shop there )at rue de la Gare to get our Breizh breads, done with traditional Breton flours and a two point ends!

And, then we can say we were loaded for the weekend. And that is all for now , will continue update on the beauties of my Morbihan , Bretagne area in the comig days, weeks, months, years!!! This is heavens! Enjoy the post as I and do visit its worth it

And,  remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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