La Ferme Exotique of Cadaujac!!

And let me not just update but actually write a new post as only a line written before in my blog! This was by chance and turn out to be a wonderful family trip to  a farm south of Bordeaux when we were vacationing on the beach of Lacanau-Océan which already plenty written on it. The start here is the exotic farm or La Ferme Exotique of Cadaujac!!

Moving south of Bordeaux,  you can visit Cadaujac, with its petting zoo and stables, great for kids, La Ferme Exotique, its call, and you need a car as this is in deep country with great views of the Garonne river. Highly recommended if with kids and have a car, my boys still remember it!! You get here arriving from Bordeaux take the beltway A630 direction Toulouse A62 exit 19,  turn on D1113 to Cadaujac on rue de la Pontrique take road D108 and you will see the signs for the La Ferme Exotique.

La Ferme Exotique is an animal park located in Cadaujac, in the Gironde dept 33 of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. The farm is particularly recognized for its saddle horses as well as for its collection of vintage teams of coaches, stagecoaches, carriages, etc., that it rents for documentary purposes or to the world of cinema, for example.

 La Ferme Exotique welcomes animals from five regions of the world: Europe, South and Central America, North America, Oceania and Asia. Among the animals presented are many hens, but also parakeets, wallabies, porcupines, zebras, dwarf zebus or even deer and reindeer. The establishment is also home to many primates, including magots and several different species of lemurs and lemurs. 

cadujac farm south bordeaux aug08

The visitors can ride camels, ponies (my boys did) , or take a small train. It is also possible for them to participate in the distribution of food for certain animals (yes!!). A few thematic workshops allow you to discover a particular species in more depth, such as wolves or cows, for example. Finally, several games are offered in the summer such as water games or inflatable structures. A catering service is available on site.

This is fun for the whole family and great alternatives to the beaches and wines of the Bordeaux region!  

The official webpage for the La Ferme Exotique:

The Bordeaux tourist office on La Ferme Exotique:

There you go folks, a wonderful place for families to visit in a beautiful region of my belle France. You all will love the La Ferme Exotique of Cadaujac!!

If you are in the farm and want to taste some wines, you know you are in the appellation Pessac-Léognan and the Graves. One property I can recommend is the Château Bouscaut at 1477 Avenue de Toulouse coming back on the D1113 road signs will lead you.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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