The Mercado Central of Curitiba!!

And here is another find wow! So many wonderful memories of my stayed in Curitiba Brazil and now looking at older posts realised missed much on Curitiba! Well I am now catching up and will tell you a brief entry on the central market or mercado central of Curitiba!!

The Mercado Central of Curitiba was founded in 1958 as a meeting point for residents who enjoy big fairs, whether to buy or to eat. The space offers dozens of stalls with spices, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, sausages, meats and all kinds of good ingredients for a delicious dinner. In addition to the stalls specializing in food products, there is also the offer of clothing, electronics and household items. Good choice to stroll and take time off from the mundane.

curitiba mercado central jul08

This was spot central when living in Curitiba for 3 months and love it. The very best and great ambiance as well as on the road to my apparthotel Mercure Batel!! Lots of good memories and good friends. The Mercado Central is located at Ave. Sete de Setembro, 1865,and is open Tuesday to Saturday 8h to 18h. Sunday: 8h to 13h with Restaurants open until 15h.

curitiba mercado central above jul08

A bit of history I like

The first public market in the city of Curitiba appeared in 1864, in the old Largo da Ponte, currently Praça Zacarias. In 1873, on the anniversary of the emancipation of Paraná State, on December 19, the cornerstone was laid for the construction of a new headquarters, then located in Largo da Cadeia, now Praça Generoso Marques. On October 11, 1874, the new Municipal Market was opened. In 1890 Largo da Cadeia was renamed Largo do Mercado. In 1912, the building was closed and demolished to make way for the City/Town Hall, and thus the market was provisionally transferred to Largo da Nogueira, currently Praça 19 de Dezembro. In 1915, another transfer, now to a Chalet-style property, in Batel, (my neighborhood living there!) which was where the Plaça Theodoro Bayma is today. At this address it remained until 1937, when it was demolished and the locals were left again without a fixed market for the purchase of food.

The construction of the new Mercado Central of Curitiba was done between May 1956 and July 1958, the project was carried out on a site, in front of the workshops of the former Rede Ferroviária, current Rodoferroviária de Curitiba (bus terminal see post) ,and inaugurated on August 2, 1958. In 2010, it was renovated and expanded, taking over the entire block between Avenida Sete de Setembro and Avenida Presidente Affonso Camargo.

The official mercado central of Curitiba

Now I am happier, wonderful time, great welcome, and great bunch of guys to work with and allow me to know more of Brazil and especially the State of Paranà and the beautiful city of Curitiba. See my other posts on them!

And remember, happy travels,good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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