A Cathedral in Curitiba!!!

And once again, unbelievable found another subject not shown in my blog but did spent long in Curitiba Brazil! Have several posts on the city but not on the Cathedral! This is brief post to remedy this as it was memorable to walk around it several times and finally going in. Hope you enjoy it as I. Thanks again for reading me since November 2010!

The Catedral Basílica Menor Nossa Senhora da Luz or Minor Basilica Cathedral of Our Lady of Light in the city of Curitiba, in the state of Paraná, Brazil. The old section of the birth of the city at praça Tiradentes. The short story goes that in 1668 a small wooden church was built on the site, in the old town of today’s Curitiba, with a church dedicated to Our Lady of Light and Good Jesus.

curitiba Catedral Basílica Menor Nossa Senhora da Luz front jul08

In 1693 the town council was installed there in order to elect the first municipal authorities. On March 29 of the same year, the founding of the town of Nossa Senhora da Luz e do Bom Jesus dos Pinhais de Curitiba was made official. As the long official name of Curitiba.   Years later this small church gave way to a larger church in stone and clay, whose completion occurred in 1721, called the Church headquarters. This in turn was demolished between 1875 and 1880, to finally build the current cathedral, whose work was carried out between 1876 and 1893. In 1947, an annex was built.   On June 7, 1993, one hundred years after its inauguration, the Cathedral was elevated to the rank of Basilica Minor, in awe of Nossa Senhora da Luz dos Pinhais, the patron saint of the capital of Paraná, Curitiba. The cathedral was built in the Neo-Gothic or Roman Gothic style. Sorry for the pictures it was with mobile phone but only ones I can find in my vault!

curitiba Catedral Basílica Menor Nossa Senhora da Luz stained glass window jul08

At the entrance on the right-hand side, visitors have the opportunity to see the chair where Pope John Paul II sat when he visited the city in 1980. Near the altar is a 9 meters deep well (about 30 feet), believed by the historians to be the only remaining piece of the original structure.

The official Cathedral Basilica Minor of Our Lady of the Light in Portuguese: https://www.catedralcuritiba.com/padroeira-historico

The city of Curitiba on the Cathedral in Portuguese: https://www.curitiba.pr.gov.br/noticias/historia-da-catedral-basilica-e-contada-em-exposicao-virtual/56724

The Archidiocèse of Curitiba on the Cathedral in Portuguese: http://arquidiocesedecuritiba.org.br/paroquias/nossa-senhora-da-luz-dos-pinhais-catedral/

There you go folks, this is a nice Cathedral Basilica Minor of Our Lady of the Light in a very memoral city of Curitiba for me as lived there for 3 months a while back, and still many friends in touch. I am glad finally got the Cathedral out into my blog, worth a detour once there for sure.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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