Rodoferroviária of Curitiba!!!

Another forgotten spot in my memorable Curitiba and getting all those pictures from my old cd rom disks!! This took once with friends to see the Iguaçu Falls for which cannot find any pictures! The rest I stop by several times because the mercado central (see post) was across the street and wanted to see the buses going in and out when nothing else to do. I lived in Curitiba for 3 months on expats assignements from France!!

Let me tell you a bit as brief because I am no expert and the information is from the Portuguese language sites in the links below on the Rodoferroviária of Curitiba or main bus terminal!

curitiba rodoferroviaria bus station jul08

The city of Curitiba has an excellent bus system that is acknowledge worldwide and even this every time is packed with people using it. I was lucky was given Chevy Prisma car to move about! The system is the Integrated Transport Network , and this is a trunk-fed bus system in exclusive lanes (Bus Rapid Transit or BRT) of the city of Curitiba. The Rede Integrada de Transportes (RIT) was the first bus rapid transit (BRT) system implemented in the world. The Curitiba Integrated Transport Network has as its backbone of its operation 72 km of exclusive routes for buses that run through the 5 main axes of the city and that constitute the so-called fast lines (Expresso Biarticulado) whose stations are easily identifiable by their shape tube. The system served as a model for the systems of several cities in Brazil, the TransMilenio in Bogotá, the MIO in Cali, the Trolleybus, the Ecovía and the Metrobus-Q in Quito. , the Metropolitano de Lima, the Transantiago in Santiago, the Orange Line in Los Angeles and the Metrobús in Mexico City. Also, the Walt Disney transportation in Orlando Fl USA!

curitiba ave emiliano perneta bus tubes jul08

curitiba bus double jul08

The system is broken down into several line service and will give you the main connections here.

The Fast lines (Expresso Biarticulado): services operated by high-capacity buses of three sections , which use the reserved platforms traveling the five main axes that radiate from the city center: Boqueirão, Norte (north), Sul(south),   Leste(east) and Oeste (West). The Fast direct lines (Ligeirao Azul): services operated by buses that have the same characteristics as the Expresso. The main difference it has is that it offers a faster service than the Expresso, since it has fewer stops. The Lines between neighborhoods (Interbairros): routes made by green buses that connect points outside the city center. The direct lines (Linha Direta): they are usually called ônibus ligerinho (fast bus) and constitute the fastest link between two points of the city covering long distances with few stops. The conventional lines (Convencional): services carried out by yellow buses without constituting an integrated network and that connect the city center with the neighborhoods radially. And the Tourist line (Linha turismo) that run through the main tourist centers of the city. Paying your fare allows you to get off and ride the bus five times. (The one I tried as had a car).

curitiba rodoferroviaria bus parking jul08

I  did went over to see it. Rodoferroviária de Curitiba is the unified terminal for intercity and interstate passenger transportation, as well as rail transportation in Curitiba, capital of Paraná state. It is located in the Jardim Botânico neighborhood (botanical garden see post) , in front of Avenida Presidente Affonso Camargo, and serves road transport routes between several Brazilian states and towns, including some international locations located in Paraguay and Argentina, in addition to the railway boarding station for tourist trips between the capital of Paraná and the cities of Morretes and Paranaguá, on the coast of the state (the Sierra Verde train). It has 465 urban and metropolitan bus lines, last count.

curitiba rodoferrorivaira back jul08

The city of Curitiba bus network URBS (see right hand column for “horario de onibus” to choose your itinerary):

Comec, Information on the intercity bus service in Portuguese:

The bus terminal in Curitiba in Portuguese:

The bus network in Brazil on Curitiba

There you go folks, I feel better telling you and reminding me of this wonderful adventure. I got to go in front of it every day from my home at the Mercure Batel hotel and my job in the nearby town of Piraquara. Glad the blog is making these memories come alive! Hope you enjoy the post and do visit Curitiba an excellent city with plenty to see and do; I love it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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