Church Saint Martin in Landevant!

This is another town close to me in fact when the virus 10km was in effect we came here to do our groceries for a change from our town and go out. We passed so many times and eventually stop in town for a look. Nice little town and warm folks. Let me update text on this older post of the  Church Saint Martin in Landévant!

I have look deep into my blog ,and found many posts needed a refresher and just went out to get new pictures! My road warrior template got me going and having a blast with the boys on each town. The Morbihan rocks! I came twice and both times closed so settle with the recognition that it is in my blog this Church of Saint Martin in Landévant!


Landévant is located between Lorient and Vannes on the N165 expressway , and very near me as I go by here on the D16 , then D33 when going out to the Finistére dept 29. The town is at the north end of the Étel river. In 1790, Landévant became an independent town! Landévant was a dismemberment of the former parish of Pluvigner (my town)In 1795, takes place the battle of Landévant where several thousands Chouans (rebel for king against the French revolution) obtained victory over the Republican troops ( French revolutionaries).


The Church of St. Martin built in 1834. It replaces a 15C Church that has preserved a few animal sculptures. Some carved stones from the old church have been preserved, embedded in the south wall and fragments of inscriptions in Gothic characters giving dates 1413 and 1422.

The first church dates back to the 15C, we learn that the first bell tower was completed in 1512. The new church was built in 1834 according to the date shown on the gable of the chevet The new bell tower, built in 1857, and adorned with Doric, Ionic and Corinthian pilasters, is crowned by a stone spire The sacristy is contemporary with the church The south porch destroyed during WWII was rebuilt around 1950. A wooden cross was erected 1920, date carried on the plinth as the church is built in coated rubble stone following a Latin cross plan. Many sculptures are reused from the old church: on the apse above the date of 1834 protected by a drip edge two round coats of arms, now smooth in alliance in a crown of order; on the crawlers of the bedside, the remains of an unidentified animal. An axis sacristy on the ground floor is attached to the bedside.

The town of Landévant on its heritage

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Landévant

This is one of those town, you passed every day by it but hardly ever stop. Well have done that for the benefit of my blog and my readers. Landevant is not a tourist town but a rest stop would be fine in its city center by the church. It is historical for sure locally and has nice architecture which I like. Hope you enjoy the Church Saint Martin brief tour.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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