Landaul and its castle!

Well I am on the run telling you about the wonderful monuments closer to me here in my beautiful Morbihan! I take you this time to quant small Landaul just under 10 km from my house. It has other posts but this time let me tell you about its castle of Kerambar’h. 

The town of Landaul and its nice Church or église Saint-Théleau (see post) in city center.  However, I wanted to stop by a castle open to the public for the gardens that locals have talked to me about. We headed for the Château de Kerambar’h in Landaul.

Its tricky to get to it as it is in the country off the N165 road get off at exit Landevant or 36.1 go first direction Landaul and then direction Auray and bear right on the small road running next to the N165; you then see the signs for Château de Kerambar’h on your right hand side. Follow these signs into a narrow road all the way in, with space for one car! and then you reach a sign saying the Jardins de Kerambar’h and turn right on it. You will see the ruins and manoir house and the famous gardens. Schedules to check it change every year but normally they run april 19 to July 13 and July 14 to August 31, open from 14-18H and in summer from 11h to 18h; September open 14h-18h and October is only on weekends from 14h to 17h30. Admission adults is 6€.


The Castle of Kerambar’h offer a walk through time from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance with portraits of the dukes of Brittany from the 1000 to the 16C. The gardens with 33 toises or form of measurement, Charlegmane capitulary, and other like the garden of courtly pleasures, with cloister and moats.   A pleasant trip indeed and especially awesome for those into gardening.


Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are:

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist office on the Château parc of Kerambar’h

Parks and Gardens of France on the Château parc of Kerambar’h

The Association of parks and gardens of Bretagne on the Château parc of Kerambar’h

The town of Landaul on its heritage

There you go folks, a wonderful castle and even more beautiful garden park for all to enjoy it. Do visit the Castle gardens of Kerambar’h in country Landaul!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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