St Avé and its monuments!!!

So lets stay in nice quant St Avé in my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne of my belle France. As you have read my blog, this is a town I passed to work every day for many years so know it very well even if there is always hard on pictures. Update, recently was able to see the church open so here are new pictures from 2021, no need to redo the whole post. Hope you enjoy this post on St Avé and its monuments as I.

The neighbouring towns of Saint-Avé are Saint-Nolff (worked here), Locqueltas, Meucon, Plescop, Vannes and Monterblanc. Saint-Avé was originally part of the former parish of Saint Patern of Vannes dismembered around the year 1000. It also included the territory of Meucon which subsequently became detached. Saint-Avé was erected in town during the French revolution in 1790. There are two interesting monuments here, the Church of Saint Gervais and Saint Protais that I passed by its side every day and the Chapelle Notre Dame du Loch that I passed in front every day!

The Church Saint Gervais and Saint Protais is dedicated to the Italian twin brothers, Saint Gervais and Saint Protais. The old church was reportedly built in the 15C. between 1426 and 1481 and other churches would have preceded it on the same site. Apart from some ancient elements including the left transept dating from the 15C, the church destroyed in the early 19C was rebuilt from 1830 to 1834. The current  Church, in its almost all, dates from that time. The nave is redone in the fashionable Neo-Gothic style of the times.


St Ave Ch st gervais et st protais nave aug21

St Ave Ch st gervais et st protais altar aug21

From the old Church of Saint Gervais and Saint Protais remain only the wings of the transept-the south transept being the chapel of the Lords of Lesnevé and the north transept that of the Lords of Beauregard, two Lordships of the old important regime of the town, also, some sections of the walls and structural elements, and above all three Gothic stained glass windows which are the most beautiful ornament. In the nave, the door in the basket, which overlooks the old baptistery, is adorned with elegant moldings, probably surviving from the old Church. All the other bays are modern. Work was carried out in 1975, due to the poor condition of the vault and to adapt the choir to the new liturgical norms of Vatican Council II. In 2000, work in the city center redesigned the square, the Church’s surroundings and the public lighting, and the bell tower, including its stone Spire, was sealed in 2001. The altarpiece was also completely renovated and the clock refurbished.

St Ave Ch st gervais et st protais side aug21

St Ave Ch st gervais et st protais back inside aug21

Next to the Church of Saint Gervais and Saint Protais , there is a Gaullist or Lech stele is topped by a granite cross  near the Chapelle Notre Dame du Loch. This stele, linked to the funeral rites, was Christianized.  In the space of the old cemetery, there is a much wrought granite Calvary: the plinth, the fut and the panel are adorned with sculptures of Saints. On the banner-shaped panel, a Madonna and Child is surrounded by Angels. This is a 16C Calvary ordeal.

The Chapel Saint-Avé, ,better known as the Chapelle Notre-Dame du Loch, was built from 1475 to 1494. In the form of a Latin cross topped by a slate steeple, it has a main façade adorned with a beautiful portal with arches flanked by two buttresses with pinnacles and topped by a large oculus which, despite transformations, retains its medieval style authentic. It is surrounded by a paddock, where a fountain and a calvary are erected.



St Ave Chapel ND du loch side aug21

The city of St Avé on its must to see

The parish of St Avé on the Church St Gervais St Protais

The parish of St Avé on the Chapelle Notre Dame du Loch:

There you go folks, another dandy road warrior ride into my beautiful Morbihan. Saint Avé will be memorable, not for nothing passed by it and these monuments for 8,5 yrs!!! they will be missed now in my retirement. Of course, will need to pass by them again eventually, even if just for the memories.  And I have, even a memorable pint at Le Welcome bar tabac across from the above church ,just like an apéro in the old good days! Hope you enjoy the ride and thanks for coming along with me.

St Ave Le Welcome bar tabac cv aug21

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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