The Pepiniére de Penhouët!!!

I had this spot mentioned in several posts briefly and it is so sentimental for us , I need to have a single post on it for the memories of always. This is nursery garden shop in the town of Ploeren call Penhouët. Let me tell you briefly the nice story of this place so dear to us. In French it is the Pepiniére de Penhouët!

The Pepiniére de Penhouët, in Ploeren near Vannes. Right off the expressway N165 Nantes-Brest. It is huge, all along the expressway, and great friendly expert service.  The nursery garden shop we of course always go by car sortie/ exit 29 Arradon on the N165 and go on a small road C5 communal along the expressway until you reach the Pépiniére de  Penhouët in city limits of Plescop. 


We buy all our plants, trees, dirt from them and very good results so used to said my other half, I was just the transport guy lol!  All our plants for the house and lawn accessories, grass, and tools, with the design of Breton stones in our front house garden and lawn grass in the back.. My dear late wife Martine fell in love with it, and as she was an avid gardener; we came here often ever since we purchase our house in 2013 (they opened in 2012). The plants and trees change seasons and we continue to come back. Over  5 hectares and over 120K plants!!!



You have free parking and the nursery is right around you, you walk up the main office and warehouse. You can walk all over the garden and or ask help at any time. The service is nice and well informed; you won’t go wrong here.

The official Pépiniére de Penhouët of Ploeren

The above webpage have a 360 degree video of the nursery garden shop here:

This is a spot we have not been in over 2 years now, my mamie bleu is no longer with us, and we just keep up the plants we have and the lawn ,as well as cutting the beech hedges. Its a labor of love with my sons and plenty of nice memories forever. When time comes to replace them , do not know what will do as I am not a gardener!!! Anyway hope you enjoy it and do stop by the Penhouët nursery garden shop , as it is for garden lovers only.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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