Batz-sur-Mer can be a charm !

This was a special post on road warrior visit to a friend from work in Guérande, and while there visited the nearby coastal towns of Batz sur Mer. A wonderful coastal trip of my belle France just south of me in old Bretagne now in the Loire Atlantique dept 44  of the Pays de la Loire region. Let’s ride out this one together shall we!

It was a rainy day, cloudy, and cool at 11C or about 55F ,and we went to Batz-sur-Mer, and can be a charm !

On our way out to Batz-sur-Mer we passed by the museum of salt marshes or Musée des Marais Salants and the wonderful salt marshes you see along the road is wonderful. This is the famous salt of Guérande, world famous. The museum webpage:

Batz sur Mer

We continue our journey now with our friends into the harbor area of Batz sur Mer, and saw the nice Church and tower of Saint-Guénolé built in the 13C of gothic Breton style with a tower 70 meters high and nice views of the ocean. We went to the harbor port Saint Michel where we had our lunch at the Café de la  Plage, wonderful family service, where I had a cassoulet de la mer or sea casserole of shrimp, scallops and fish with a nice vegetable lettuce and a bottle of Kerisec cider, the others had different servings from mussels with Roquefort cheese , tagliatelles bolognaise, and four cheeses pizzas, desserts from bounty coconuts ice cream to banana splits , and of course another bottle of Kerisec cider brut.  The price we could not know as our friendly friends lol!! went ahead and pay for all five of us the bill !!! yes nice friends!



The Batz-sur-Mer tourist office:

We found for a Sunday plenty of parking for free in town.  In all, a short but pleasant trip to the beautiful old Bretagne.  The sea at its best, nice area we have been back!!!! Hope you enjoy the post on Batz sur Mer as I.

And remember happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

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