Parly II Shopping Center, yes!!

And now back to memory lane in my former area of living; plenty mentioned in my blog. We were visiting for a change in Versailles and of course needed to stop by our fav shopping center Parly II. I like to update this memorable post for you and me. Hope you enjoy it as much as I.

Well, you probably come from a country of big malls or shopping centers and these are rare in France, a centre commercial is all you get with a handful of stores anchored by a big Carrefour, E Leclerc or else spread over open space. Well ,we were lucky to lived for 9 years in Versailles (see my many posts), and we always shopped at Parly II in nearby across the street Le Chesnay. Now town officially Le Chesnay-Roquencourt. My boys went to middle school or collége here in Le Chesnay a very nice town chic a bit upscale and the mall is just an extention of it.

The shopping official address is 2 Avenue Charles de Gaulle. The  hours are 10h to 21h  Mondays to Saturdays, Sundays Truffaut is open 10-19h , McDonalds 9h to 22h and Pizza del Arte 11h30 to 22h30. and the best way to get here from Versailles other than driving is to take phebus bus network bus 1 from city center of Versailles at the avenue de l’Europe bus terminal corner with Avenue de Saint Cloud ,very close to the castle. The shopping center is served by 2 bus stops (Les Comtesses, Parly 2), Phébus bus 1 network of Versailles as maybe more but this one we took. Also the bus 19 of Transdev ïle de France stops at the Arboretum (see post) just across from the shopping center, and we took it to go from ave de l’Europe corner with Ave Saint Cloud in Versailles to the shopping center and back! Also, a few hundred meters down you can walk into the domaine of Versailles (palace ) by the Porte Saint Antoine (see post) and the hameau of M-A and the Trianons, where we did our walks/jogs! Awesome area and many memories! The Phebus bus network:

If you decide to take the car from Paris , take the A13 direction Rouen and get on exit :Sortie 6. Get on the D186 at Roquecourt direction Versailles, get around the arboretum bypass and see panel for centre commercial Parly II.


The restos here are plenty from Brioche Dorée, Laura Todd, Ellis gourmet burger , pizza del Arte, Paul boulangerie, McDonalds, and many service stores like the beforemention Lenôtre, Nicolas, Lindt, Jeff de Bruges, tabac, repairs of jewelry,and clothings, banks, travel like nouvelles frontiers.

The big Paris stores are here , all you need under one roof with class. Great department stores like FNAC, BHV de Paris, Au Printemps, Decathlon, Truffaut, Darty, Apple store, games like Micromania, Monoprix, Orange, Optic 2000, and cooking school of Lenôtre. Other stores like Armand Thiery, Alain Figaret,  C&A, Darjeeling, Father & Son, H&M, Gant, Hugo Boss, Ikks, Jules, Lacoste, Levi’s, MacDouglas, Massimo Dutti, Nocibé, San Marino, Sephora, The body Shop, Tommy Hilfiger, Toys R Us, Truffaut, Decathlon, Yves Rocher, and Zara to name some of my favorites.


You have carte cadeau or gifts cards, and can take your own Parly II card for discounts in the mall; events invitations, children animations, and guignol shows. Valet parking available. Free WiFi, personal shopper, children spaces with care, as well as baby changers, nurse on duty at level or niveau 0 next to PC securité. Reception for hire of taxis, chairs, etc, phone recharge outlets, car wash by the porte de la concorde Mondays to Saturdays 10h to 18h, photo cabinet Harcourt at level or niveau 1 Porte Vendome and 4600 parking spaces for free. Parking levels -3,-2, -1, 1,0, The best at level or niveau 1 by Porte Saint Michel entered right into the food court of goodies !!


Fully AC or heated yeararound with outside Cinema UGC to reopen with 12 showrooms as the previous one was a bit used and we love it underground!  Really for once a real mall ambiance and trés chic, you will love it while in Versailles, as we did/do!  Of course, even better we came in the Christmas 2016 period with all the wonderful decorations.




The Parly II officially opened in November 4, 1969 with 150 shops, it was the second largest shopping center in France. Designed for the automobile, it has extensive parking on two and three levels!. The shopping center includes a covered three-level gallery, in which are located branches of Parisian department stores (Le Printemps, BHV), many shops and cinemas recently reopened ) and modernized. It was enlarged for the first time in 1987 and covered 107,000 m2. The second extension was inaugurated in November 2017 increasing the commercial surface by 10 000 m2. In 2017, it has 187 stores.

At the same time as the shopping center, was built the condominium of Chesnay-Trianon (Parly 2). The largest co-ownership in Europe, it includes 7,500 homes for more than 18,000 inhabitants (the Parlysiens). And just behind this was my kids’s middle school!!! More on the residences here:

The now Westfield Parly II mall webpage:

There you go folks, if you like shopping ! and big malls , then this one was made for you. Easy out of Paris connection and local buses to take you here: best by car! A must for shopping in the Versailles area me think.This is eternal Parly II!!! Thanks for the memories of always.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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