Huete and it’s cucumbers!!

Well here again one of those briefly mentioned before in older posts but needs a post of its own me think. One of the nice tradition of my beloved Spain is to come to Huete during the Dia del Pepino or  Cucumber Day festival. We were going there for the cheese but got into it rather nice and it remains a nice memory of Huete. Hope you enjoy it as I.

We came down to Huete and the manchego cheese factory we got in on time for the cucumber festival! There was a pepino de Huete festival on August 9th, and we had a blast with the cucumber tasting and local white wines, on a market festive ambiance.


The Dia del Pepino or Cucumber Day is done in early August before the 15, this year 2021 will be on the 10th. It is a day that Huete dedicates it to one of his highest quality products, Huete’s Cucumber. A day full of activities: a market is held, as is traditional, preferentially dedicated to Cucumber from Huete, in which other crops from its gardens will also be marketed. Also, a gastronomic recipe contest is held in which the Cucumber from Huete is the main ingredient. And even special activities for children.

huete festival pepino cc xf rf aug16

The English gin brand Hendrick’s Gin, in the worldwide search for the most select and quality products, has installed its first official cucumber garden in Spain in Huete (province of Cuenca). Hendrick’s, which uses this vegetable as a key ingredient in its gin, has joined the pepino de crystal or glass cucumber, a variety highly appreciated thanks to its light, fresh and smooth flavor, which does not repeat and above all does not camouflage the taste of foods, but harmonizes them. The sculpture of the Cucumber measuring more than 3 meters recently given to Huete by Hendrick Gin’, which will have its own stand, where it will serve Gin Tonic with Cucumber from Huete to whoever is encouraged to consume this drink. At the Plaza Fray Ambrosio Montesino (square).

The Huete tourist office on sights many already with a post in my blog :

The city of Huete on the Dia del Pepino activities of 2019 (2020 cancelled due to the virus):

There you go folks, a nice family event very educational and tasty.. to say the least. Great food recipes and a nice glass of Gin Tonic!!! Hope you enjoy the event at Huete, province of Cuenca, autonomous community of Castilla La Mancha.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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