Damgan and Bonne Nouvelle!!

So let me re write update revise this old post almost making it new and new pictures taken just yesterday. The area here is best known for its beaches but now will tell you about the other monuments of Damgan in the beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne.

Just for info , Bretagne/Brittany/Breizh is the third most visited region of the most visited country in the world, France! (UN-WTO) . Let me take you to the coast and take a look at Damgan with lovely beaches and give you the other side of the coins on its prettiest monuments I like.

Damgan is mentioned for the first time with Kervoyal and Pénerf in an act of 1261. This is a donation by Barthélémy of Questembert to the Abbey of Priéres. From the 15C to the 18C, the sailors of the Pénerf River were specialised in trade. During the 16C, Pénerf was the fourth Breton port with a wine, wheat and salt trade. The 18C is that of the Salt farms that disappear from the river at the beginning of the 20C. Damgan was erected as a town in 1820. In fact, in 1820, Damgan, Kervoyal and Pénerf detached themselves from Ambon to create the new parish of Damgan.


It is also part of the 12 communes of the agglomeration Arc Sud Bretagne and the district of Vannes.   After having been for a long time an important place of transit of goods with the port of Pénerf, the town becomes in the first half of the 20C a seaside resort and finds in the tourist activity a new economic breath. Damgan is a peninsula located between the peninsula of Rhuys and the estuary of the Vilaine river. To the west, the Pénerf river marks the boundary of the town, the Atlantic Ocean to the south, the town of Ambon to the north and to the east. Damgan has almost 8 km of beach, including the great Damgan beach, (Grand Plage) and the Kervoyal beach. Great beaches indeed.

The Church of Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Nouvelle built between 1840-1844, in Neo-Romanesque style and built on the site of an ancient chapel dedicated to Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle and dating from the 17C. The latter had become a parish church in 1820. It has a square topped with a granite bell tower. It is in the shape of a Latin cross. Significant work was carried out in 1954 to consolidate parts of the church that threatened to collapse.  Too bad the town of Damgan is very much into the beaches and less info on the heritage monuments.




The town of Damgan on things to see : https://www.damgan.fr/decouvrir-damgan/tourisme.html

The Damgan La Roche Bernard tourist office on the church: https://www.damgan-larochebernard-tourisme.com/patrimoine-culturel/eglise-notre-dame-de-bonne-nouvelle-damgan/

The Morbihan dept 56 Tourist Board on the church: https://www.morbihan.com/damgan/eglise-notre-dame-de-bonne-nouvelle/tabid/12562/offreid/7d3ddb81-0fd6-44f4-a210-021d2b9dd987

And now you have another nice ride along pretty coastal beach towns and interesting monuments to visit as well, fun for the whole family. This is Damgan in my beautiful Morbihan, and lovely Bretagne!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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