Inland Elven!

And here I am again updating an older post in my blog. As I said ,this has been a wonderful discovery of even places I have forgotten visited lol! This inland town was there for the curious and a collegue who is from there to check it out in my road warrior mode. So I took the family to inland Elven, see what it is and hope you enjoy it as I.

Ok so I set out near me again, this time to the inland town of Elven. I was with a friend ,and we had lunch at a nice place with my dear late wife Martine. I have some touristic stuff, and will add some with history, and then my last lunch trip to Elven.


The town of Elven is located about 15 km of Vannes on the axis Vannes-Rennes, road N166. Of course, there are other roads like the D766 that I take to get there.  In around Elven, you will find numerous megaliths such as by the Loge-au-Loup on the road to Trédion, the tabular stone of the battle in the Forest of Coeby, the twin menhirs of babouin and babouine who were adorned with faces engraved in an indefinite period.

Elven was reportedly founded by immigrant religious leaders from across the channel in the 5C. Around 900, a castle was built to fight the Norman invasions. The current Château de Largoët is built from the 14C, 2 km from the village in the midst of a vast expanse of wood. Henri Tudor, Duke of Richmond, future king Henry VII of England, was retained here  between 1474 and 1476.  Elven is a place of the Chouannerie ( the locals who fought the French revolution). In fact, chief Chouan Joseph Gambert, the Canton’s company captain, was killed near the village of Panistrel in 1794. A street has its name. In the woods of Saint-Bily were founf underground caches of Chouans. The movie Chouans! was partly shot in Elven.  For a small town, one famous person was born here; Catherine Descartes , a poet and niece of philosopher René Descartes was born in the manoir house of Kerleau. He came here to signed the baptismal registry.  During the Nazi occupation, Elven was the scene of the first airborne operation, called Operation Savanna, on 15 March 1941. On the road to Questembert, a stele commemorates the event.

Some of the things you can see here are: Fortress of Largoët, called Tower of Elven now in ruins, Château de Kerfily originally built from the 17C to 18C due to fire rebuilt between 1860-1863; Château de Kerlo  15C Catherine Descartes was born here in 1637 ; Saint-Clément Chapel, and the main St. Alban’s Church.

Dedicated to Alban de Verulamium, patron of Elven, referring to the martyrdom suffered by him in England in 303 while the founders of the city come from the other side of the channel. The Normans destroyed by fire the first wooden church. In 1121, a Romanesque church was rebuilt, again destroyed by a fire in 1525. A church of Gothic style was elevated, of which no longer remains until today the choir in 1536 is built a nave gothic and then in 1642 a steeple. In the 19C, the work suffering from the times was renovated, the nave and the transept were rebuilt. The steeple is completed in 1877 and the Church Saint Alban was consecrated in 1879.


So as said above, we went by noonish by car to the Hostellerie Lion d’Or; the building dates from the 16C! It is wonderful country food , as the best in France is. We started with me a leffe blonde beer for the apéro entry and lots of conversation with beets chips, and then we went with the entrée, I had crusty shell with stuffed Andouille , a Breton sausage type and goat cheese, green salad; this was already began to be accompany by a good Saumur-Champigny red Les Longes , and the main dish was skewed canard with mushrooms sauce, I finish with my favorite crème brulée ( a sweet custard cake). And more red wine… In all a great lunch to finish the week!


The city of Elven on its heritage

The city of Elven on its history

The Hostellerie lion d’or has no webpage so I leave you with their Facebook page on photos:

In all , I saw the Church Saint Alban been renovated again, and the town nice ,clean, and quiet as country life in France is and we love it.   This is the real living in France folks, nothing over price or glamorous like Paris, but the real deal, the reason we are in France, my belle France. Enjoy the brief tour of inland Elven!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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