St Peter’s Cathedral of Vannes!!!

And thrill to update this older post for you and me! This is my wonderful capital city of Vannes and the St Peter’s Cathedral is awesome ,all in old town surrounded by wooden houses from the 14C! A must to visit and I will tell you a bit more on the Cathédrale St Pierre! Hope you enjoy as I.


I search my blog for a post on the St Peter’s Cathedral or Cathédrale St Pierre and needed to tell more!! There were some bits and pieces in other posts but for the Cathedral not one  as a whole.  Amazing all the things we see and write and continue!  Anyway this is the 600 anniversary of the coming here of Vincent Ferrier from Valencia Spain to spread the gospel of Christ in this area. It is now Saint Vincent Ferrier and we are celebrating big from March 2018 to June 2019 but especially this year.  His body rest in the Cathedral on a special Chapel as you enter on your left hand side nearer the Altar.And of course, it is a great center of pelegrinage from many parts of Europe. He was born in 1350 at Valencia at the time part of the kingdom of Aragon, and died in 1419 at Vannes! He is the Patron Saint of the Comunidad of Valencia in Spain. In Spanish he is written at Vicente Ferrer.  The Dominican fathers have a page on him in Spanish here: Dominicans order page on San Vicente Ferrer


As it would be a monumental task to tell you all about this wonderful magnificent beautiful St Peter’s Cathedral, I will just tell you the main points me think.  

The Cathedral Saint-Pierre of Vannes is done in Gothic style, it is elevated on the site of the ancient Romanesque cathedral. Its construction spans five centuries, from the 15C to the 19C, and if one includes the length of existence of the Romanesque Tower-Belfry preserved from the old building, one arrives at a construction period of seven centuries. As a whole, the Cathedral remains, nevertheless, faithful to the ancient Romanesque and comprises a nave annexed by ten lateral chapels, a transept with unequal arms, a choir wrapped in a ambulatory and a row of two axial chapels. The nave has a length of 47 meters and a width of 13 meters. The total length of the Cathedral is 110 meters, which makes it the longest among the Cathedrals of Brittany. The vault of the nave and the transept measures almost 21 meters high.




From west to east, the following five chapels are found on the south side:

Chapel of the baptismal font this is the smallest of the five chapels. Sainte-Anne Chapel she is the patron Saint of Brittany, and according to the Bible, the mother of Mary ,grandmother of Jesus. Chapel of the Rosary the stained-glass window shows the sacred heart of Paray-le-Monial. Blessed Pierre René Rogue’s Chapel blessed Pierre René Rogue was a priest, born in Vannes, known for his great piety he was sentenced to death and guillotined for bringing communion to a dying man. It is buried under the altar. The Chapel Saint-Gwenaël, Saint Gwenaël took part in the evangelisation of the Breton dioceses in the 6C. On the corresponding stained glass, he is represented in the company of the blessed Françoise d’Amboise. The latter, Duchess of Brittany, founded the first convent of Carmelites in Vannes.



The five chapels on the north side of the nave are the following from west to east:

Chapelle Saint-Mériadec-et-Saint-Patern the stained glass depicts Saint Mériadec and Saint Patern, the first bishop of Vannes (see post on him and church ,is the oldest Church in Vannes). Chapelle Saint-Louis with about 5.17 meters over 6.15 meters. This is the largest Chapel in the nave. Built around 1456, it was first dedicated to St. Sebastian, to which St. John the Baptist was added from 1648. At the end of the 18C, it was dedicated to Saint Louis, hence the stained glass window which represents twelve scenes of the life of the Holy King. Chapelle Saint-Antoine, its Gothic-style porch is topped by a stained-glass window bearing the arms of Brittany, Vannes and Mgr Bécel. Since December 2015, an inscription in red, affixed to the outside of the porch, indicates that this entrance is called the gate of Mercy. referring to the Holy Jubilee year decreed by Pope Francis in the Bull of Indiction Misericordia Vultus of April 11 2015. The Rotunda Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament this rotunda shaped side chapel is of Italian Renaissance style, a rare case in Brittany. Adjacent to the north façade, it was built between 1530 and 1537 at the expense of Canon Jean Daniélo, inspired by his Roman memories and who thought to make it his mausoleum. Originally destined for the Blessed Sacrament, this chapel was dedicated to the cult of St. Vincent Ferrier from 1956 to 2018. It is currently empty and awaiting a new liturgical assignment. Maybe a baptistery. The altar-tomb of Saint Vincent Ferrier, which was there, was transferred to the North cruiser. And the Chapel called Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes-this is the place of the ancient gate of the Dukes of Brittany.


The Northern Cross of the transept opens outwards by the beautiful portal of the Chanoines. It is topped by a stained glass window depicting Saint Vincent Ferrier. This North brace which, from 1956, had been reduced to being a place of passage, since may 2018 hosts the tomb of Saint Vincent Ferrier. It is thus found, the altar-tomb of Saint Vincent as well as the beautiful reliquary in the form of a bust of vermeil made in 1902. On the edge of the upper part of the woodwork, is deployed the tapestry of Aubusson of 1615 which relates on 28 meters of length, seven miracles attributed to the Saint as well as the scene of his canonization in 1455 and the portrait of the donor, the Bishop of Vannes.

The Choir is surrounded by a very large ambulatory intended to channel pilgrims who came to pray on the tomb of St. Vincent Ferrier in the middle ages. Like the basilical pavilion located in the Choir, a marble plaque recalls the affiliation of the Basilica Cathedral of St Peter’s Vannes to the Basilica of St. Peter of Rome.


The Grand Organ of the St Peter’s Cathedral is today an instrument of 35 games which has been the subject of a complete restoration in 1985. The Tribune is supported by six Doric columns with smooth bole and molded marquee resting on masonry quadrangular granite bases, the upper part of which consists of a larger stone treated in quarter round, ledge and ogee before resuming a square shape under the column tours. The organ consists of two buffets: the positive and the great organ. The positive is placed in cornball in the middle of the Tribune. The Grand-Organ is composed of three levels of mouldings, squares at the lower level, rectangular horizontal at the middle and rectangular vertical level at the upper level. Marrying the bulge form of the cheeks of the Massif, two monumental sculptures support the large turrets.


Some webpages to help you enjoy and plan your trip here which is a must,are:

The official Cathédrale St Pierre webpage:

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist board on Vannes:

The Bretagne region tourist board on Vannes (watch the video!):

And they you have it folks, a gem of my lovely Bretagne and beautiful Morbihan in my belle France, a must to see while in medieval Vannes, and you have to see if passing by my beloved adopted Morbihan and of course our capital city of Vannes.  The St Peter’s Cathedral is worth your while.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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