And we have Roscoff!

This one was going way north in my lovely Bretagne, always searching for new places in my magical world of France. Going over to our neighboring dept 29 Finistére is an usual habit by now, and this time got to the extreme north ; therefore, we have Roscoff! This is an update of an older post in my wonderful ride to revive memories of always. Hope you enjoy it as I.

Doing my road warrior swing thru Finistére , we went by car to Morlaix and with time decided to take a plunge into Roscoff a bit further. This was a good choice as we enjoy the sea breezes here.  The town is very touristic and seafarer, with lots of British influx due to the Brittany Ferry trips. We came by car along the D58 road, very nice done road and very little traffic almost alone on the road !!!  We hit first the ferry port and saw the many cars lining up to go over the manche… This is a busy port indeed with 85% British visitors , almost like been in UK….   We went by the Casino de Roscoff at port de Bloscon as well very nice and conveniently located by the ferry boat harbor.


We ,then proceeded by car to the lighthouse or phare right off the street coming in by the fishing old harbor ;this lighthouse is 24 meters high and has 95 steps, the square top was started in 1914,as well as the optic lense and done in 1917.  Funny we follow the petit train into the narrow streets all the way to the parking behind the Church Notre Dame de Croas Batz that itself was started built in 1520, with the belltower from 1576 and all done in granite. There is a marker on the wall as you come from the embarcadére to ile de Batz showing the spot where Marie Stuart of the Scotts once lived and also a plaque commemoration across from it. Queen at age 7 days! she crosses into Roscoff history as girlfriend of future king of France François II , she lands at Roscoff by the Chapel of Saint Ninien , (today destroyed) on which remaining façade there is the writing of this event.


We went to the pleasure boat marina of Bloscon . The embarcadére or cruising terminal to the island or ile de Batz, very nice indeed, we went down on the side of the Ibis hotel to the stony beach and you a great view of the passerelle to get the boat here,nice. It is done several times a day but cancel in case of high tides with coefficient greater than 100.




The town is very lovely with vibrant activities and plenty to shop for souvenirs and eating places. I rather think the beaches are great in season and one must come early for space.  The petit train is always a nice family riden especially if small children.


It was already late and as not planned to visit here ,we headed home, just our routine one day or weekend trips in our area and writing about it for eternity ::) . It goes to say, we will be back in season as it is nice for longer stay by the ocean . The road back was not the same as the one coming to Morlaix and then Roscoff. I always try to find out new routes . We took the same road out of Roscoff back to Morlaix on the D58 briefly on the D712 and then on the D769, and then by La Feuillée change to the D764  and continue to Carhaix-Plouger to hook up with the N164 dir Rostrenen. At Mûr de Bretagne (since joined another village and change name as a whole to Guerlédan) ; we got off heading into the D767 direction Pontivy, at Pontivy we took the D768 direction Baud, and here the road D768 direction Camors into our town. The ride along the Mont d’Arrée is fantastic.

The Roscoff tourist office

The Finistére dept 29 tourist board on Roscoff:

The Bretagne region tourist board on Roscoff

The City of Roscoff on tourism:

And now home writing about the new adventures. This is Roscoff ,worth a detour and we will be back when possible. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. L’onion de Roscoff is so tasty ! 🙂

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