Church of Saint Nicolas of Loudéac!

And need to updat this one, a anecdote of a town in the off the beaten path of my lovely Bretagne! The main sight here is the Church of Saint Nicolas and will tell you a bit about it. However, how I got here was that my company celebrated a finance team meeting at a local farm and this is how I found out about Loudéac! Later, as usual, I took the family for a visit. 


However, some of these nice in country town needs a little recognition so here I will give you one. This one is up in dept 22 Côte d’Armor and the town is Loudéac.  You should take a look at something uniquely Bretagne; Loudéac is it.  Loudéac is up north in Brittany , at about 45 minutes from Vannes, 1 hour from Rennes and 2 hours from Nantes . Loudéac has a Gallo name Loudia and also a Breton name Loudieg.

A bit of history I like

Loudéac appears to be mentioned for the first time in the Cartulary de Redon (Locduiac) in 1075, as a donation from Viscount Janjua of Porhoët in favor of the abbey. Hunting in the forest of Brocéliande, it was only around the 11C that the foundation of Loudéac was truly recognized. A city renowned for its fairs and markets in the Middle Ages, it was a long time in the hands of the Dukes of Rohan. The 17-18C were prosperous thanks to the trade in canvases of Brittany which exported to America.

Loudéac is located at the crossroads of the N 164 (axe Rennes-Châteaulin) and the D700 (axis Saint-Brieuc-Vannes/Lorient). There are SNCF buses that takes you to the nearest train station at Saint-Brieuc, Rennes, Pontivy, Lorient, and Vannes. Aquarev, it is a leisure park of 30 ha, an area of walks, living on the edge of the town of Loudéac and its forest massif of 2500 ha. It has many activities for the whole family. One family attraction my boys have attended on school trips.  The Central Brittagny tourist office on Aquarec:

However, for the history and architectarilly inclined I am, the one thing worth a detour here is the Church.  That is the Church of Saint Nicolas.  The Church was built on the location of an older one. The first stone of the church is blessed on September 24, 1758. The work is done in 1765. The bell tower dates from 1743-1746 and the nave dates from 1758-1762. The choir dates from the 18C. The organs date from 1854. Its high-poster altar in carved wood and Carrara marble is nice. The ceremonial Cross , in wrought iron dates from the beginning of the 19C. The statues of St. Maurice and St. Nicolas, in marble, date from 1775. In the south altarpiece, the statue of the Virgin and the Child, in Polychrome wood, dates from the 14C. Nice for a small town indeed.




The Central Brittany tourist office on the Church of Saint Nicolas:

The city of Loudéac on the Church Saint Nicolas

As said, a small country town , Loudéac, but very lively good city center central on the way from south to north Brittany coasts, nice Church Saint Nicolas, and good local friendly service . Something to keep in mind traveling thru Brittany especially if by car.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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