Gâvres is a nice peninsula!!!

Ok I have written before and lack of creativity gave it this title to this post, Gâvres is a nice peninsula. Well it is, just hope will do service to it right. We are allow out and easy rides just most eateries are close or only take out so we just rode by car and walk the town and beach; it is a nice way to get out. Gâvres won’t tell much as plenty in my blog, just saying it is in the beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France!

These are new pictures just from this weekend and we love to show the beauty around here; hope you enjoy as we! Gâvres is a nice peninsula!

The Presqu’île de Gâvres is a peninsula just south of me. Going easy on the D768 then getting on the D33 crossing the N165 and connecting on the D158 at Nostang to pass by Plouhinec (see post) and continue to the tip of the peninsula .Only exactly 41 minutes from home!! The Gâvres is opposite Port-Louis (see post), at the entrance to the Lorient Harbor and east of the island of Groix.

Some of the things to see here and already written on them ,but these new and different pictures from this morning are:

The Church of Saint Gildas b. 1888, in the form of a Latin cross, replaced the old Romanesque chapel which depended on a Priory located in Plouhinec. In 1971, the Church of Saint Gildas finally had a real  bell tower. Above the porch, a statue of St Gildas in granite, welcome visitors.

The Fort de Porh-Puns located along coast of Pointe de Gâvres, about 400 meters as the crow flies of the Saint-Gildas Church above. The fort is disarmed after WWII and bought in 2007 from the Ministry of Defense by the Syndicat Mixte du Grand Site Gâvres Quiberon.

Gavres Fort de porh puns beach mar21

Fountain of St Gildas. There was a well dating from the 11C. The fishermen (the first port of Gâvres was in this cove) and also the inhabitants came to draw water from it. In the 17C, the well was covered with stone and became the Fountain Saint-Gildas, with 17 steps.down. In a small niche there is a statuette of Saint Gildas. The well has been clogged, only a few steps can be seen but the vaulted architecture is very well visible..Very near the Fort de Porh Puns.

Gavres fountain St Gildas by beach mar21

There is a lovely marina with  60 berths which you see upon entering Gâvres bourg or city center. Around the town you have the dunes that extends for 25 km from the Pointe de Gâvres to the Quiberon peninsula and up to 2 km deep. Open to the ocean, the long stretch of sand is all the more impressive as it seems to extend to the horizon.  It is the largest dune massif in Brittany!

Gavres port de plaisance mar21

You have a nice beach of Porh Puns next to the fort and an even better and bigger Grande Plage or big beach in city center all with nice parking and family picnics. There are other beaches but these are our favorites here and do visit in Summer or when possible now.

Gavres plage porh puns by fort mar21

Gavres Grande plage pl des souvenirs mar21

The plages tv beach webpage I like has more in English: https://en.plages.tv/seaside-resorts/gavres-56680

The city of Gavres on its heritage: https://www.gavres.fr/culture-et-patrimoine/

The city of Gavres with a nice map of the town: https://www.gavres.fr/plan-de-ville-de-gavres/

The Gavres Quiberon Dunes site with a nice interactive map on the area: https://www.gavres-quiberon.fr/fr/carte-interactive

And there you go nice short and in vivid colors for you, the Gâvres peninsula and its town are an excellent way to relax any time of the year, and wild in Summers; my Morbihan treat! You can browse my other posts on Gâvres by doing search in my blog.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!!

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