Pointe du Raz or the end of Finistére!!!

This is one of those natural wonders of my lovely Bretagne that amazes me. This is in neighboring dept 29 of Finistére or end of the world and the tip of the peninsual call Pointe du Raz! Really beautiful country and great views!!

This is a wild visit full of nature, gorgeous views and great time to see the effects of mother nature first hand. It is made for all nature lovers of the world.  Pointe du Raz, in the Cap Sizun, (Sizun Cape) at the westernmost point in the peninsula seeing the vast Atlantic ocean and the lighthouses of the island of Sein. The view here is magnificent over the vast ocean and you are on a cliff with rocky stony footpath leading you to the edge!

The Pointe du Raz, the local name in Breton Beg ar Raz, is a rocky promontory constituting the most advanced part of Cap Sizun, facing the Iroise Sea. Located to the west of the town of Plogoff, it forms a bow with a height of 72 meters dominating the Raz de Sein. It is one of the most emblematic sites of the granitic coasts of Brittany. Access to the site is possible by car by the road D 784 with a paid parking space nearby.


Cap Sizun advances in the Iroise, bordered to the north by the Bay of Douarnenez and to the south by the Bay of Audierne. Its most famous natural sites are the Pointe du Raz,  and that of the Pointe du Van as well as between them, the Bay of the Trepassés. Its maritime extension is the chaussée de Sein (sea road), whose most important part is the ïle de Sein island  from which it is separated by the Raz de Sein.


This human pressure required rigorous environmental protection measures in the context of a large national site operation, to restore its vegetation cover consisting mainly of heather. To this end, shops have been displaced, 2 hotels have been demolished, and the place of arrival of the cars has been move by one km. The operation was conducted in 1996-2000. A commercial space and paid parking are built at a respectable distance, connected to the site by a bus shuttle and horses from the equestrian center of Plogoff. An European hiking trail of 3 050 km, the European trail E5, connects the Pointe du Raz  to Venice,Italy!. The GR 34(country walk way), which runs along all the Breton coasts from Mont Saint-Michel to Lorient, also passes through this site. The route du vent solaire or Sun wind route, tourist route goes from Pointe du Raz to Penmarch along the Bay of Audierne.


The Ile de Sein, located 8 km to the west on the chaussée de Sein, is separated from the Pointe du Raz and by the Raz de Sein whose violent currents are at the origin of the topology of the site. Two automated lighthouses  are established on the islands of the latter: la-Vieille and Tévennec. The statue of  Notre-Dame des naufragés or Our Lady of the shipwrecked and a semaphore are placed at the end of the seminal plateau. The inferno of Plogoff, a gallery dug by the sea under the tip, is reputed to be the place where the flood deposits those who drowned at sea. The beauty of the site is reinforced by those of the nearby coasts that curl to the north along a large sandy beach at the bottom of the Bay of Trepassés, closed by the Pointe du Van beyond which stretches the immense Bay of Douarnenez closed by the Cap de La Chèvre. To the south lies the Bay of Audierne.


Since antiquity, the passage between the Pointe du Raz and the Island of Sein, called the Raz de Sein, was reputed to be very dangerous for navigation and especially, at night and in the wrong season, due to the violence of its sea currents. A manned lighthouse, the lighthouse of Tévennec, was built from 1869 to 1874 on the islet of Tévennec and was lit in 1875. In 1910, it was transformed into a permanent lighthouse  without a keeper. A sheet metal turret with a more modest lighthouse was established around 1870 on a cliff-side to the northwest to create a lighthouse lighted in  alignment pointing to the old island. It was called the  feu de la falaise du Raz or the fire of the cliff of the Raz, and was also extinguished in 1887. The base of the Pointe du Raz lighthouse was then redesigned to make it a semaphore.


Some webpages to help you plan your trip here and you must are:

The official Pointe du Raz in Cap Sizunhttps://www.pointeduraz.com/

The webpage on the community of Cap Sizun to Pointe du Razhttp://www.cap-sizun.fr/dossiers/dossiers.php?id_dossier=234

The Finistére dept 29 tourist board on Pointe du Razhttps://www.toutcommenceenfinistere.com/article/pointe-du-raz-grand-site-de-france

The tourist office of the Bretagne region on the Pointe du Raz/Cap Sizun: https://www.brittanytourism.com/destinations/the-10-destinations/quimper-cornouaille/pointe-du-raz-and-the-cap-sizun/

There you go something on the off the beaten path ways of my Bretagne.  A nature lovers’ paradise and the immense views of our glorious Atlantic ocean with rocky formation to dream on. Enjoy the Pointe du Raz as we do!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Not quite as far west as our own Lands End!

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  2. I went there, the Pointe du Raz, thrilled to see the sun set, knowing that the whole country behind me is already in the night.

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