Church of Notre-Dame in Larmor-Baden!!

And here is another gem in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France! This on the coast south of me and already a post on its coastal wonders. I need to update the one on the nice Church of Notre Dame of  Larmor-Baden!! Hope you enjoy the post and thanks for reading me over the years!


The town of Larmor-Baden is located on a peninsula on the banks of the Gulf of Morbihan, 14 km from Vannes and 14 km from Auray. Larmor-Baden has 4 Islands on its territory: the island of Berder (private), connected to the mainland by a submersible sand roadway, the island of Gavrinis (with a great cairn megalith stone), île Longue and ïle Radenec. The marsh of Pen an Toul occupies about 42 hectares within the town’s territory. This one is separated from the Gulf by a dike equipped with dikes, called Pont de Pen an Toul.

In 1857, Larmor is still a village dependent on the parish and the town of Baden. When in August 1858, Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie visited Brittany, the inhabitants of Larmor profited to solicit from their imperial majesties that their section be erected in the branch of the parish of Baden. In 1860, the Imperial decree, which erected the Larmor-Baden Church as a separate branch, was signed by Emperor Napoleon III. But it was only 64 years after the creation of the parish that the steps for the erection of the village of Larmor into the town Larmor-Baden and was finally erected in 1924.

The parish Church of Notre-Dame, blessed on July 29, 1880. It had as godmother of the bells, for the donation the Countess Dillon. Among the statues and paintings that adorn the Church, were donations or works of parishioners, the statue of Notre Dame of Larmor, in polychrome wood, holding a three-masts in her left hand and leaning with her right hand on a naval anchor and the other, a small painting watercolor depicting a brick-goëlette, the “Giralda”, offered by Captain Héno, in gratitude for being released safely, him and his crew, of a terrible storm in the North Atlantic in 1878.



Some interesting facts about Larmor-Baden are:  Général de Gaulle docked at the port of Pen-Lannic on July 26, 1947, during his visit to Morbihan for ceremonies commemorating the fighting in the maquis of Saint-Marcel. Cardinal Roncalli, apostolic nuncio in Paris, who will be Pope John XXIII in 1958, was the guest of the Sisters of Saint-François, in Berder, on July 27, 1949. The day before, he presided over the pilgrimage of Saint-Anne d ‘ Auray!

The city of Larmor Baden on its history

The diocese of Arradon on the Church Notre Dame of Larmor-Baden

The diocese of Vannes on the Church Notre Dame of Larmor-Baden

Now you are all set to visit this wonderful coastal Morbihan area of Larmor-Baden and see its gems with great architecture and history. Hope you enjoy as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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