The drive over three regions of my belle France!!

And so it goes been such a compact country you can easily cross over departments and regions and in my road warrior trip this is what happened in going over Bretagne, Pays de la Loire, and Centre-Val de Loire as well as a bit into the Nouvelle Aquitaine!! Hope you enjoy the ride as I did! Some pictures for the show but the best was the ride!

We actually passed by three regions by car , sounds a lot but they are actually within 4 hours driving only….!  We started from our pretty Bretagne, and went past the Pays de la LoireCentre Val de Loire, and just a bit into Nouvelle Aquitaine. All along the Loire of course, the great river of France. 

We left our house by 7h or 7am taken the D768 to connect to the N165 free roads; we continue to the beltway or periphérique nord in Nantes to get on the A844, here to make a bit faster we took the toll road A11 direction Angers but got off it at the D763 road to Ancenis for only 3,10€ of tolls. Here at Ancenis we found some nice monuments.

There was an old wonderful castle (b. 984) towers still in pretty good shape, the bridge or pont Bretagne-Anjou ,and  a nice halles or covered market with a belltower at first I thought it was a Church ! An old town founded in 984 by Duke of Brittany, Guérech. Not to mention, the good wines of Ancenis.  The tourist office in the country of Ancenis has more

We left Ancenis on the road D17 passing by Le Fuilet (see Church Saint Martin in photo) to Montrevault and Saint Pierre de Montlimart getting here on the D752 towards to Beaupréau-en-Mauges, where we cut off again on the D756 towards Jallais, and reaching Chemillé-Melay ,and onwards to Vihiers. All wonderful sleepy little towns but this is the pleasure of driving in my belle France! We did a bit of a detour to go into the D39 and passed by Les Trois Moutiers; (dept Vienne 86 Nouvelle Aquitaine) cheating as actually this is in the department of the Vienne in region Nouvelle Aquitaine!!!. (see Church Saint Hilaire in photo).



This area tourist office on the mauges of le Fuilet is here:

The tourist office of Vienne on Les Trois Moutiers

At Vihiers we got on the D960 towards Saumur, our first real stop. I will put Saumur on a different post to tell you all about it. For now the Saumur tourist office:

After walking around Saumur and having our lunch , we continue to our hotel and final destination at Tours. This we follow the Loire river on the D952 passing first by Varennes sur Loire, then Chouzé sur Loire and La Chapelle sur Loire . This road continues into Saint Michel sur Loire ,and Langeais site of a famous castle. Also, passing by Luynes and finally crossing the Loire river again on the road D37 at the bridge or pont de Saint Cosmé. Here we made a left turn into Avenue Proudhun that continues into rue des Tanneurs, turning right at rue Nationale , then left at Blvd Heurteloup and then another left at rue Victor Lalou to our hotel ; and we arrive.  More of Tours in a separate posts to tell you about the wonderful things to see there.

On the way back we came back out of Tours in the same way we came in, but this time taking the D37 out of town into the D751 direction Saumur. This time no tolls at all. And passing by another wonderful castle ,that of Azay-le-Rideau. Of course we did not stopped at these castles as no time and seen them years ago, we do need to get back for an update.  We passed by Coudray-Montpensier a nice castle we saw from the road. We continue on the side road of D751E at Chinon, another historical castle.

The Touraine Nature area tourist office for many things to do around here:

We went around Saumur on the same D751 along the Loire river direction Gennes with an interesting bridge over the Loire river. We continue on the D751 getting around Angers.  This on road D759  direction Loudun and continuing  to Thouars, and getting around this city as well on the road D938TER direction Bressures. Here we connected to the N249/E62 and got around Cholet as well. Taking direction Vallet and Nantes, where it reads the D149 same road, and connects with the beltway of periphérique nord of the N844 which becomes the A844 and hooks up with the N165 direction Vannes and home!

And we reach home, nice and fresh really. Minimum tolls, which if extend it a bit could have been zero taxes oh yes they call it tolls! We had enough time on Sunday to indulge on the trip and the goodies purchase from handbags, to candies, and chocolates, and of course the nice things we have not far from home that on a weekend can be a huge trip by anyone. Again, hope you enjoy the ride over three regions of my belle France. My glorious road warrior trips looking forward to do them again when possible.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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