Always special ,Vannes!!

And back on my trail of updates on my older post, fitting for these periods of our lives and very rewarding for me indeed. Hope you have enjoy it as much as I. This time let me take you to 2019 and my always special, Vannes!

Vannes, our capital city and my work city. It is nice not so cool and not so warm ,just perfect .Except, the rain is on and off too as we have storms brewing in the Atlantic ocean.  I was out with colleagues after work , as we had to said goodbye to one, and why not do a bit of an au revoir or good bye in Vannes.  I was the first one in the bar ::) got easy parking by the ramparts of the old castle and did a bit of walking around the beautiful medieval buildings. Finally, I headed for the bar just before 19H.(7PM).

Before, the bar did some walking around the old city.  The gate or porte Poterne is very old (1678-1680) and nice over a stone bridge getting you into the old town just by the bar mentioned below. Here you have the wonderful Jardin de la Garenne and the Tour du Connétable (constable tower) , les lavoirs or laundries, wonderful views over the Cathedral St Peter (St Pierre) and Church of St Patern; a great façade of the cinema Cinéville Garenne just in front of the Chateau de l’Hermine (old hotel Lagorce), at 12 Rue Alexandre le Pontois. A nice view from the back of the marché couvert des lices or covered market. All of these have separate entries in my blog and more pictures!



And ,finally the rest arrived to the Les Valseuses, a popular bar here near the gate or porte Potern and behind the Chateau de l’Hermine and the gardens of the Garenne.  The bar is name after a popular movie of the same name that came out in 1974.  The Facebook page for them is here:

We/I come here often and it is very friendly service, good prices and historical place on one side the ramparts and the beforementioned chateau de l’Hermine and on the other side is Place des Lices and medieval Vannes. A city untouch by the ravishes of war and with buildings originals from as far back as the 14C.

This was just a sentimental goodbye as you should know on jobs ,the friendship enduring ones are what counts. And we will be back to the Les Valseuses eventually to continue our ins and outs of Vannes.

The Morbihan dept 56 Tourist board on Vannes in English:

The city of Vannes on tourism info in English:

There you plenty on Vannes ,and the Morbihan in my blog in fact. Vannes is a very nice city to be visited and it was begining to be discovered before the virus, hopefully it will be back. For now enjoy the post!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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