Abbey Church Saint-Sauveur of Redon !

And here I am again updating older post a wonderful idea me think in these times of ours. This is a wonderful monument in an off the beaten path city of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France. Let me tell you again a bit on the Church of Saint Sauveur of Redon. Of course, Redon is in Ille et Vilaine dept 35 . There is a huge amount of places to see in the No 1 visited country in the World. I am just beginning and hope to see it all before I go away! It’s a goal to achieve!  As I mentioned the town before, but brief , I  like to give credit to the city center wonderful Abbey Church .Hope you enjoy as I.

The Abbey Church Saint-Sauveur is one of the parts of the Saint-Sauveur Abbey, the rest of the consensual buildings became a high school. The Church is located on the north side of the Abbaye Saint-Sauveur, in the immediate vicinity of the city/town hall. In 1649, Cardinal Richelieu, had the buildings rebuilt. The Eudist founded a college in 1839, which now became a Catholic high school under contract with the state. The high school site is here for reference as it uses some of the property of the Abbey today. webpage:


Overlooking the Quai St Jacques, sits the former abbey of Saint Sauveur de Redon, one of the most important in Brittany in the Middle Ages. It was established there by St Conwoïon in 832 with the support of Nominoë.(king father of the country of Bretagne).


The main corp was built in the 11C, the nave has three ships. It is currently seven spans long, but the initial construction was longer and extended to be twelve. The five western bays were destroyed due to a fire in 1780. The ancient façade, known by a 17C engraving, was a single gabled wall at the triangular summit, supported by buttresses at angles. The elevation of the central nave initially included two levels with large arcades. Only the arches in full hanger, whose single roll falls on stone cut simply beveled. These stones rest themselves on very thin and united capitals, carved to give a Doric style to the set covered with plaster. The capitals crown half-columns backed with square piles, which are their predecessors. The north aisle wall of the nave, the north transept, and the base of the southern collateral are partly constructed in small cubic units, with flat stone bases and spur chains.



The four piles of the lower level of the transept crossing probably date back to the 11C. The Crusader tower was built during the 12C. It has three levels. A reconstruction of the bedside begins between 1260 and 1270, and ends at 1300, at least for the big work. It comprises three straight bays, then a five-part apse, all surrounded by an ambulatory with five radiant chapels. On either side of the first spans of the ambulatory, two aisles of three bays accommodate rectangular chapels. The whole is vaulted with quadripartite warheads. In the middle of the 15C, Duke Jean IV added to the bedside a Chapel, leaning on the north side of the choir.


The steeple originally belonged to a monumental façade project designed around 1310, which was to be placed in front of the ancient Romanesque nave. The north tower is the only element that is actually built. The work is probably completed before 1341. The organ is on the Chapel of the school.  The Church abbey is located at 17, 19 place Saint-Sauveur in city center  

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here in deep woods of Brittany, a nice off the beaten path trip even doable by train from Paris!

The tourist office of south Brittany/Redon on the abbey church:

The tourist office of Bretagne on Redon heritage:

The city of Redon on its architectural gems like the church:

There you go another curiosity wonder of my lovely Bretagne, which been a peninsula is much away and seldom seen, but I am telling you been in many places of our world and this is a find indeed. Hope you enjoy the tour of the Abbey Church of Saint Sauveur!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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