Sarzeau ,and its castles!!!

Ok so I bring you back to my Morbihan and wonderful Presqu’Ïle de Rhuys where we have the main city Sarzeau. The area here is filled with castles but unlike other areas of my belle France, here they are mostly still private properties.   Let me tell you again about Sarzeau , and its castles! Hope you enjoy as I.

I have to say as many here do with pride, this is the only administrative department of France that the name is not French! You will be in Dept 56 Morbihan or in French would be Petite Mer, small sea. This is what is call in Breton language, Mor=sea bihan=small. And you should know my lovely Brittany is Bretagne in French but in local Breton is Breizh! And now you come into the Presqu’île de Rhuys or the Rhuys peninsula to visit the nice small town of Sarzeau. The most known castle here ,Suscinio, and resident of the Dukes of Brittany had a separate post in my blog.

Sarzeau has several islands which are administratively attached to it such as the Isle of Ouefs, Godec Island, Stibiden Island, Govihan Island, and Brannec island.  Sarzeau is limited to the west by the towns of Arzon and Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys, to the northeast by that of Saint-Armel and to the southeast by that of the Tour-du-Parc; To the north by the Gulf of Morbihan and to the south by the Atlantic Ocean. With more than 65 km of coastline, Sarzeau is one of the towns of Brittany and even France that have the longest coastline!!


We at at the Connetable Hotel Restaurant, Place Marie Le Franc facing place Richemond by the church , and it was wonderful of mussels, steaks, banana splits, and good rose wine of Bordeaux! However, they are closed and new owners created the L’Hôtel du Golfe which we have not try yet. Here just for the memories!

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist board on Sarzeau in French:

This peninsula of Rhuys has plenty of castles , unfortunately most are private, still in old families descendants or partially open by reservation or in Summer. And we keep missing them by traveling outside the area in those months! So when we tried again and again and more of the same lol! These are very proud and private folks.  Let me just give you a couple of examples ok

The Château or Castle of Kerlevénan is built in the late 18C, by 1780, the Castle, built in the classical style was restored in the 19C in the Italian taste. Chinese pavilion, family Chapel and English garden/ park. All done on behalf of Marie-Joseph-Armand de Gouvello, Lord of Keriaval, Kelevenan, Kerhar, Kerbot and Kerlen. Born in 1747, he married in the same year 1780, Catherine-Charlotte de Peyrac, a native of Santo Domingo. He is a member of the Court by the order of nobility, in the States of Brittany of 1788. He emigrated from the French revolution in Augsburg, Bavaria, and then to Brighton, Sussex, England. The castle is sold as a national property during its exile. Under the restoration of the monarchy, the castle is bought by his son who had also, emigrated with his parents in Bavaria and England, then in Italy (see post on the Hotel de Limur of Vannes) heir to the Castle, the founding son of the rural senior rest homes of Kerhar and Kerbot, in Sarzeau, near the Castle of Kerlevénan. He is a legitimist Royal member of the Morbihan from 1871 to 1876, President of the society of patronage of the agricultural orphanages of France, Honorary President of the society of Breton rescuers and of the Board of Directors of the École Saint-François-Xavier in Vannes. The castle is open every day from July 1st to September 15th, except on Wednesdays, from 14h to 18h, and by appointment from October 1st to June 30th. Which we always missed lol! 

The Morbihan dept 56 Tourist Board on the Kerlevénan castle in French:

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist board on the Kerlevénan castle in French:

The Bretagne tourist board on the Kerlevénan castle in English:


The Château or Castle of Truscat, is from 1702, revamped towards 1830 at the site of a Manor of the 16C, after 1850, the works of embellishment were carried out. The Chapel is built between 1625 and 1630. The castle is in the middle of a beautiful park on the edge of the Gulf of Morbihan with centuries-old trees. It belongs to the descendants of the Francheville family for more than five centuries. In 1815, General Bernadotte, the future King of Sweden (and from which Royal line is today) , presided over the feast of the pacification. A friend of Jules de Francheville, Frédéric Ozanam often stayed there. A private property is not visit. Even with call for reservation!!


Both of these castles have to be seen up close otherwise the park property is too far to be seen from the road. Kerlevénan can be seen a bit from the road D780 that goes into the peninsula but rather fast difficult for pictures.

You all come here to the Presqu’ile de Rhuys!! And of course Sarzeau and a lot of off the beaten path places to see and enjoy.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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