Lorient, there is an airport!

One of the benefits of updating older posts is that you find things overlooked and need to tell you about it. Therefore, this is a new  post on a new place, how about that! Of course, it is on a town near me and visited many times as well as many posts in my blog. Lorient, there is an airport, of course! Let me tell you a bit about it, and hope you enjoy the story.

Before, I tell you the technical stuff, let me tell you about two anecdotes about this airport. First, I have been at it twice but only one using it…I will explain ok

The first time was that on my business travels, I found myself at Roissy CDG waiting for my flight to Nantes (usual home airport) and saw a collegue from my office also there. He was from another department/service so we could not have known were flying the same route. He was contacting his wife to see if she could pick him up at Lorient. However, I was going to Nantes…. The thing was his flight was cancelled and he was rerouted thru Nantes but his car was in Lorient. My car was in Nantes so I offer to take him to Lorient airport to pick up his car as needed to passed by my town of Pluvigner and was not far; and of course he agreed. Therefore, we flew to Nantes , picked up my car and drove together to Lorient, first time was with company going home, and only time! This is how I found out about the Lorient airport which is just a dot on a field really… and yet very close to my home town about 39 km.

The second time was the one I actually landed at Lorient airport! Again, I went to a conference in Cap d’Ail (see post) going from Nantes to Nice airport and there rent a car to Cap d’Ail. However, on my way back from Nice to Nantes all flights to Nantes were gone due to an air traffic controllers strike (see post) and there was no more schedule because it would fall after 22h and the strike was officially started.  Therefore, after much negotiations with the AF staff, they book me on a flight to Lorient; nearer me and know the airport if you can call that ….However, my car was at Nantes Atlantique Airport! I arrived at Lorient airport a bit past 10pm or 22h , and thanks to AF had a taxi waiting for me. The guy was a nice talkative type and we had a great trip, it was saying talking the trip goes faster ,indeed. We discussed the world and try to fix it hehehe!!! and figure out he likes Spain and scuba diving but it’s more into rugby then football/soccer…oh well .I reach the covered parking at Nantes airport by midnight. And drove 1h30 home in my car. And this is how I “tried” the Lorient airport!

Now ,that I told you about the anecdotes on my history with Lorient or Bretagne Sud airport ,let me tell you a bit description on this little airport in the boonies!

Lorient Bretagne Sud airport, previously called Lorient Lann-Bihoué airport, and locals simply know as the Lorient airport is a mixed-use airport, military and civilian, located in the town of Plœmeur, 9 km from Lorient, department of Morbihan 56 region of Bretagne.





It is made up of a civilian airport, open to national and international commercial traffic, and military with the naval air base of Lann-Bihoué created in 1938, one of the largest military air bases in France , and Europe! 

The Lorient airport is connected daily twice a day to 2 Hubs, Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport  (Roissy CDG) and Lyon St Exupéry airport, flights operated by Air France Hop regional carrier and APG Airlines connects Toulouse on weekdays.

The airport also receives general and business aviation traffic, which is growing strongly from year to year.  The airport is located by car: 15 minutes from Lorient city center via the N165, and 40 minutes from Vannes by the N165. The airport is not served by public transport but there is a large supply of taxis on site. My take is from Vannes , you indeed take the N165 expressway direction Lorient/Quimper/Brest and get off at exit/sortie 44 on the road D163 direction Plœmeur, continue to a traffic circle or roundabout and get right hand side on the road D163E this narrow road will take you straight to the airport and the parking area.If coming on the train at the Lorient train station, a taxi will take you just 7 km.

Overall description on arrivals and departure terminals

The Departures Hall. ‘Départs) This hall is made up of check-in desks and Air France / Hop! and APG Airlines. Public toilets are available and outside, a letter box.  The basement area is reserved for passenger boarding with boarding lounges and 2 “PIF” passenger screening inspection stations and baggage handling. In the boarding area, there is also a snack area available to customers and a 25 m2 “VIP” lounge reserved for statesmen (during trips supervised by the Prefecture), prestigious Air France frequent travelers and private aviation passengers.

The Arrivals Hall . (Arrivée) This hall is made up of a large baggage delivery belt, a business area reserved for Air France Platinum or Club 2000 customers, a restaurant, bar and press area Café des Merlus with a view of the tarmac and taxiway. Public toilets are available with changing tables. A children’s play area is located on this level as is a ticket machine. The terminal and boarding lounges offer free Wi-Fi. Car rental agencies are available inside the terminal or in the car park reserved for rental companies now are Europcar and Sixt. The passenger car park offers 437 parking spaces, including spaces reserved for PRM near the terminal.

The land where the Lorient airport is located is managed by the military, the runway cannot be used over its entire length as there is a bit of stop at the beginning and at the end of runway 07/25, they are used especially for the training of aircraft from the Lann-Bihoué Naval Air Base, one of the largest military air bases in France and the largest naval air base in Europe, in particular the planes serving on the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (Super Etendard, Rafale or Hawkeye).

The French ministry of defense on the military part of the Lorient airport: https://www.defense.gouv.fr/marine/operations/forces/aeronautique-navale/bases-d-aeronautique-navale/ban-lann-bihoue/base-d-aeronautique-navale-de-lann-bihoue

The official Lorient Bretagen Sud airport in English: https://www.lorient.aeroport.fr/en

The tourist office of Lorient Bretagne Sud on the airport: http://www.lorient-tourisme-affaires.fr/fr/pratique/se-deplacer/aeroport/

And there you go folks, could be an option coming to the Morbihan a bit closer to the wonderful coastal region of ours. Of course, if I am around could possibly pick you up there. You never know had met many travel forums and blog friends over the years here. Hope you enjoy the post and also find it helpful to your travel plans.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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