An American diner in Vannes !!!

Let me update revise whatever this wonderful find in my capital city of Vannes, the Morbihan dept 56 of Bretagne in my belle France. It was an old créperie restaurant which we never went and then one day walking by it surprise, an American diner style restaurant in Vannes!! wow, we went for it of course. Let me tell you a bit more and hope you enjoy it as we do.

Around Vannes is where I work for the last 9 years, only about 30 minutes by car from our home. So we are always looking for something new there. It is like our second home town! And worth the visit me think wonderfully kept medieval old town and the Le Port harbor area, gorgeous.

We came from home as usual by car into city center and parked by the Place de la République , underground parking (also above ground) below is better more protection for your car and inexpensive, 5 hours 4 euros.

We were now ready to tackle Vannes, and of course on Saturday morning, it has one of the best market days (marché)  in the whole region, my opinion. This is around the Place du Poids Public and the Place des Lices in the old town of Vannes. A wonderful place to be every Saturday morning.  There is ,also, our friendly Nicolas wine store where we load up on these goodies of France and the world.  The Halle aux Poissons fish market, our bakery and seafood canning Belle Iloise store;the works!

And then we had a late lunch, place open 12-14h and 19h-22h in the old town of Vannes , now by there and spoked with the owners; recommend them to get Mountain Dew sodas like in Rennes lol!


The place is Virgin Breizh Diner, an American Diner in Vannes.  The place is nicely decorated in American paraphernalia ,even a photo of Steve McQueen! the welcome is very friendly ,and we love the car seat in the front street level room; it has an upper level and toilets. We sat in the street level or first floor with bench seat against the wall and chairs on other side of the table. We load up on Miller genuine beer at 4,40€, a bit over but it is imported from all the way from Milwaukee, Wisconsin lol! our biggest bill lol!!! We had appetizers such as onion rings and beignets in cheese and mild hot peppers all very good each platter for 3,90€ . We continue on the main meal which were hamburgers and hotdogs !! yeah ok ok we are just reviving some of our old home food ::) We had two Manhattan hotdogs with a big dog and lots of bacon on a bun bread, then 2 mystic burgers and 1 Texan huge hamburgers with sauce and cheese very good. We finish with milkshakes of different flavors mine was strawberries and mandarins.  All this for 22,29€ per person; considering some were imported and the rest like the beef locally grown and process in house, this is a good deal! Webpage:




Very satisfied we came back home as usual doing last minutes stops.  And of course, the always needed  ,omnipresent in every French household, ;;;; you guess it the baguette. At our delicious Breizh(or Breton) style breads in Pluvigner. Boulangerie Delumeau  (now new owners same line Boulangerie Y E) on the road D768 entering into city center/downtown.

The city of Vannes on things to see/do:

For info the tourist office of  the Gulf of Morbihan on Vannes:

The Morbihan tourist board on Vannes

And then home, cozy and waiting for my Nescafé coffee, watching TV and of course the internet, this is a typical family day in the Morbihan, Bretagne, France. Do not think we do things different here, it is the same anywhere , and I have lived/worked in five countries including France. Hope you enjoy the tour as we do

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. We have an American diner a bit like this in Belgrade. When the food really lives up to the standard of U.S. diners, these can be cool places. Any place that has a photo of Steve McQueen is good with me!

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