Grande plage and Plage St Colomban, Carnac!

Ok here is to finish my latest live tour of my coastal area in this miserable time in our lives with most closed or limited. I told you been to Carnac several times as it is the closes beach to our house and a very good one as well as many nice monuments to see (see my posts). And of course, I have written about the beaches blue pavillion great for swimming! However, on this trip took some new pictures like to share in this new post on Carnac plage. Remember, there is a Carnac Bourg or town same but 2 km away!

Let me tell you a bit maybe repeated text and links sorry. Today was a rainy day but who cares in Bretagne we say something like it only rains on the idiots ….and it goes, the smart ones stayed in the bars lol!!! Amén to that!

The Grande Plage or big beach, this is absolutely wonderful and our favorite for hangouts and swimming. You must come here in Summer; it can beat any in the world me think.


you have clear water, fine sand and 2 km long, the Grande Plage de Carnac is a treat for bathers and sunbathers. The Grande Plage is the largest of the five beaches in the city. In summer, swimming is supervised and water sports can be practiced safely. Two beach clubs set up there each summer. A few steps away, you will find many restaurants and shops. La Grande Plage is also accessible to people with motor disabilities thanks to adapted equipment, all this with the presence of qualified staff with bathing assistance, cloakroom, adapted shower and WC (toilets). The reception point is open from the 1st weekend in July to the last weekend in August inclusive, every day from 13h to 19h. The Grande Plage site has been certified tourism and disabled since 2007. Possibility of parking along the Grande Plage on bd de la plage. No dogs allowed.


The Carnac tourist office on the Grande plage

My fav beach webpage in France, plages tv on the Grande plage of Carnac

If of the five a second favorite has to be choose , I will opt for plage St Colomban in the village of same name and all along the ocean from the Grande plage along bd de la plage ,bd de Légenése, and bd de l’Océan. All same road.


The plage de Saint Colomban beach is the most west of Carnac. all year round, the windsurfing spot in St Colomban is the recognized meeting place for the best windsurfers. Possibility of parking bd de l’Océan facing the beach. No dogs allowed. To the extreme right of the beach you will see the bunker, this is a remnant from WWII, and still there rusting away but still there.  We again saw the kids activities early on with learning to swim and all in an inflatable pool! The rocks or reefs onto the beach is a sight to see, and the white sandy beach was a delight.

carnac plage st colomban to sea jan21

Carnac plage saint colomban WWII bunker nov16

The Carnac tourist office on the plage Saint Colomban

My fav beach webpage in France , plages tv, on the plage Saint Colomban

So, there you go folks;another round on the wonderful beaches of Carnac. My favorites Grande Plage, and plage Saint Colomban. Of course, not the season to do them, but a heads up planning for next summer where hopefully we will be able to enjoy them again. Hope you enjoy this bit of tour by the road warrior, yours truly in virus prime time!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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