The sights of Dinard!

So here we go again, doing updates and revision of older posts which have been a blast!! Thanks for reading me over the years!!! And as usually the case, once going over realise they are pictures and sights not mentioned before or briefly mentioned in my blog. This is the best time to remedy this issue ::) Enjoy the tour of Dinard.

As I have told you,  Dinard  is in the department 35 of Ille et Vilaine in the region of Bretagne ; it is a beach town and well visited by British and Americans for its wonderful villas of the belle époque period and the British Film Festival held here since 1990.

As you get closer to the city center, the covered way becomes less wild. We walk along the plage de la Prieuré beach then the Clair de Lune promenade with its lush vegetation. The view over Saint-Malo is breathtaking. But what catches our eyes is especially the Pointe du Moulinet and its Belle-Epoque villas (see post).

We continue our walk on the chemin de ronde walk that runs along the sea. Here we are on the plage de l’ecluse, with extremely fine sand. In the middle of the afternoon, this beach is crowded. We love the little beach huts, very elegant with their blue and white stripes and the seawater swimming pool. It’s a little too cool to risk a dip, so we continue towards Pointe de la Malouine. And there it is: the villas are all more beautiful than the others.


From the Pointe de la Vicomté, it is possible to walk to Saint-Malo, but the idea of crossing the dam on the Rance on foot, right next to the cars, did not appeal to us.

On one side Saint-Malo and the tidal power plant on the Rance, on the other the town center of Dinard. Between the two, the Pointe de la Vicomté, a small shaded area where life is good, depending on the tides. It is the ideal place to admire the sunset over the city, to trudge among the rocks at low tide or to admire the ballet of the ferries returning to the port of Saint-Malo.


The Cale du Bec de la Vallée has long served as a loading dock for the steamers that made the connection between Saint-Malo and Dinard. After the opening of the Rance dam in 1966 and a much faster road link, the slipway lost much of its economic importance. The place indeed has nevertheless retained a lot of charm.


The plage du Port-Riou beach access is from downtown Dinard by taking Boulevard de la Mer. There are stairs that lead to the beach. You can also leave from plage de St Enogat beach by going to the right. A concrete path allows you to reach it!


Some further webpages to help you plan your trip here:

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Hoping this will cover Dinard better and together with my other posts will give you the overall view of this wonderful city of the Ille et Vilaine dept 35 in my lovely Bretagne.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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