Pre historic Carnac!!!

Again, was able to bring the courage to go out into my coastal beaches and took aim again at wonderful Carnac. This town of course is world famous for its megaliths stones, Unesco World Heritage Site! and it ,also, has a wonderful renown pre history museum in Carnac bourg! As you know if read my blog, there is Carnac Bourg or city center admin and then Carnac plage or beachside at about 2 km. The town of Carnac is at about 25 km from my house ,and we go there often even during this virus period.

I past again with new pictures by the alignment of Ménec and the official Maison des Megaliths where a museum sort and boutique tells you all about these strange historical stones very much revered in Celtic Bretagne. I have other posts and pictures on these subjects in my blog. The below pic it was raining lol!

carnac maison de megaliths jan21

The alignment of Ménec is located north of Carnac bourg, along the D196 road between the hamlets of Ménec and Croix-Audran. The whole is separated into two parts by the road which connects the village of Runell to Carnac bourg. The alignment is made up of more than 1170 menhirs (stones) distributed in 11 rows, over an area of about 950 m2 and a width of about 70 meters (in the east) to 100 meters (in the west). These 1,170 menhirs are divided into a hemicycle 1075 in 11 lines long and 150 meters wide and 25 stand alone of an eastern hemicycle. The western hemicycle corresponds to a cromlech. This megalithic complex has long been interpreted as an astronomical temple.

carnac menec alignment jan21

The Carnac tourist office on the alignements

A Morbihan dept on the meaning of the megaliths webpage in English:

A very good private webpage incredible places on the alignements of Carnac in French with pictures :

Together with the above and a great instroduction to them is the Pre History museum in Carnac Bourg. Simply call the musée de Carnac, is a must to see. I recommend see the museum and then go to the alignments. See my other post on it in my blog.

carnac archeo mus front jan21

The first museum in the world for megalithism, the Prehistory Museum of Carnac is the essential prelude to the visit of the dolmens and standing stones around. Do not miss the large alpine jade axes, the polished ornaments imported from Spain… so many prestigious objects, witnesses of the time when Carnac was a great European center of power and wealth, at the beginning of the 5th millennium BC.

carnac archeo mus side jan21

The museum is also known as the musée archéologique James Miln, Zacharie Le Rouzic for his contributions and donations to it. The Association Paysages de mégalithes de Carnac et du sud Morbihan, who is in charge of preparing and carry the candidature of the museum to the inscription of Unesco World Heritage site, also, has its home office in the museum.

The official webpage of the pre history museum of Carnac

The city of Carnac on the pre history museum in French:

The Carnac tourist office on the pre history museum in English:

You will do well to include the above two with a florique on the beach , which is great see my posts. Carnac is an all around tourist stop on your ways of my Morbihan, and Bretagne! Hope you enjoy the tour and thanks for reading me over the  years!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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