Quimperlé after the floods still looks wonderful!!!

Let me update the links and refresh the text on this old post from 2015 on something interesting that can happen here often, especially in winter. For lack of snow, we have water !!! Let me tell you a bit about Quimperlé!

I was here before the floods, even thus is only 50 minutes from me by car, decided to go back and check out the city of Quimperlé,in the Finistére 29 département of  Bretagne. This is a town of floods at least since the 1600’s and until recently as early as Feb 2014. One year later is as if nothing had been done, the city center was flooded with 1,50 meters of water from the rivers Ellé,Isole, and Laita. You can come here by train ,direct to Paris Montparnasse in TGV ,bus or car on the expressway N165, we do it by car. Today, we chose the back roads of the D102, D22,D724,D765 to get there in about one hour.

We walk the city center after free parking by Place Charles de Gaulle,right next to the  Laita river. All along to the city we past by wonderful towns such as Malachappe, a commune part of Pluvigner on the D102, then Languidic, Plouay, Arzano, and Quimperlé. Some of the most impressive buildings are the churches here, see posts. We did walk Quimperlé around the river banks, and into the old town, around our favorite Church Sainte Croix and over the small bridge pont fleuri where our favorite restaurant créperie du pont fleuri is located , was ready for us for lunch as it was opened on Sundays from 12-14h! Not anymore closed Sundays and Mondays.(see post)


We went nearby the church and parking to the covered market halles right next to the Church Sainte Croix , where we had some intense coffee special blend, and we got our baguettes and pastries for this evening at the bakery open on Sundays until 19h30! Au Palet d’Or, 3 Rue Brémond d’Ars. After tries and démolitions from the first one in 1886, the Halles or covered market is redone in 2002 at Place Hevo near the above places. There still the impressive facade of the old convent now a cinema Le Bobine.  (see posts) .The library of les mots des voyageurs on place Hevo is great for travel books all over and good service and selection, just behind the halles or covered market.



One of the advantages of living in history and monument rich Bretagne/Breizh, and just for info passed by two chapel churches and a private castle that will have to wait for next time in my region lol! So much to see and little time….! Until next time on the Breton roads.

The city of Quimperlé on its history and heritage: https://www.quimperle.bzh/decouvrir-la-ville/patrimoine/

The tourist office of Quimperlé-Terre Océane on Quimperlé: https://www.quimperle-terreoceane.com/en/discover/history/strolling-in-quimperle/

The tourist office of Bretagne on Quimperlé :https://www.brittanytourism.com/destinations/the-10-destinations/quimper-cornouaille/quimperle/

Hope you have enjoy this bit of post on wonderful fortified Quimperlé and do stop by when possible ok. And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all !!!

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