The river Loc’h, Auray and Brec’h!

One more chance to tell you something new in my blog thanks for the updates and revisions of text and pictures I have been doing lately. This is a nice time in my life when  I first came into the Morbihan dept 56 and rented an apartment in Brec’h. There is a river passing by here and then onwards, let me tell you a bit about the Loc’h river and later down the Auray river!!!

Right by the D19 road upon entering Brec’h bourg or after passing it depending where are you coming from, you can go down a hard dirt forested trail and see the Loc’h river at its best! see the picture!!!

Brech loch river to auray river jan12

Then, go down to the port of Saint Goustan or Auray lower town, and see the vast Auray river just before it takes off into the Gulf of Morbihan. Several river cruises starts here and out fishing, kajaking, canoes, sailing boating etc activities abound.


The Auray river is a ria which begins in Auray, in the department 56 of Morbihan in the region of Bretagne. This is the Loc’h estuary. The Auray river flows into the Gulf of Morbihan and is navigable. The length of its waterway is 56.4 km.


The Loc’h river takes its source in Plaudren and goes west , then branches off to the south at half of its course. It becomes the Auray river, a northern projection of the Gulf of Morbihan, in the town of Auray, just west of Pluneret. The Auray river overlooks the Gulf of Morbihan between Locmariaquer to the south, and the Pointe du Blair and Sept Îles, in the town of Baden to the north. It joins the mouth of the Gulf of Morbihan located between Port-Navalo, end of the Rhuys peninsula to the east, seaside resort and port of the town of Arzon and Locmariaquer to the west.

auray st goustan ria auray to gulf jul13

The towns of which the Loc’h goes thru are Plaudren (source / origin), Locqueltas, Locmaria-Grand-Champ, Grand-Champ, Brandivy, Plumergat, Pluvigner, Brech, Pluneret, Auray its mouth. In Tréauray in the town of Brec ‘h, it widens and becomes a pond where fishermen like to fish for trout and pike.

In terms of cantons, the Loc’h has its source in the canton of Grand-Champ, crosses the canton of Pluvigner and has its mouth in the canton of Auray. The Loc’h river, 45 km long crosses the department on the south to Auray to flow into the Gulf of Morbihan, by the port of Saint Goustan (Auray) it takes the name of the Auray river.

It is on the left bank of the Auray river, on a quay called Quai Franklin (picture from castle ruins) was where on December 3, 1776 Benjamin Franklin landed, who came to asked France for help for the United States independence. The port of Saint-Goustan today houses a marina.


The town of Brec”h webpage on the natural heritage of the Loc’h:

The tourist office of Bretagne/Brittany on Saint Goustan/Auray

The port of Saint Goustan in French:

The Bay of Quiberon tourist board on Brec’h

The Bay of Quiberon tourist board on Auray:

There you go short and sassy a wonderful natural experience to try once and you will love it, the river Loc’h becoming the river Auray and then the Gulf of Morbihan, one of the most beautiful bays in the world (Great Bays and Condé Nast) and the vast Atlantic ocean! Hope you enjoy the tour

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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