City Hall of Redon!!!

So, therefore, I have found a missing link that will post here a new post and pictures! I have come several times by Redon, and eventually visited the city with the family. One monument that caught my eyes, first passing by in the TGV train to Paris was the city/town hall of Redon. Let me tell you a bit about it ok.


The town of Redon is a sub-prefecture of the Ille-et-Vilaine department 35  in the region of Bretagne. It is located north of the confluence of the Oust and the Vilaine rivers which runs along the city, 60 km from Rennes, 50 km from Vannes and 60 km from Nantes. The Nantes-Brest canal runs along the Oust river then crosses the center of the town.

Redon is located in the heart of the western waterways and close to the Atlantic ocean with, in particular, a sea and river port sheltered from winter storms. It is located at the crossroads of the TER train lines for Rennes, Quimper and Nantes. The train station of Redon, is equidistant from the stations of Rennes, Vannes and Nantes. Redon has, also, a TGV Atlantique stop. The trip lasts between 2h06 and 2h37.  And this is how I first came to know the city passing by on the TGV! Later, I visited by car coming on the D775 road off the N166. The city is crossed to the north by the D177 road. It connects Redon and Rennes in 40 minutes. Best for parking by the place de la République or  place aux Marrons.


The neighboring towns are in 3 departments such as in Ille-et-Vilaine (35) Bains-sur-Oust; and Sainte Marie ; in the Morbihan (56) Saint-Perreux; Saint-Jean-la-Poterie; and Rieux; and in Loire-Atlantique (44)  Saint-Nicolas-de-Redon.

The City/town Hall was erected in 1905 on the site of the previous one. This original and beautiful building is in the Gothic Revival style. The city/town hall is located not far from the abbey and the Gothic tower. In front of it, you have a pleasant square crossed in above by the railroad tracks. It is located at 18, Place Saint-Sauveur.


The historical variations of the Breton linguistic border show that the Breton language was spoken in Redon in the Middle Ages. The local language is from Gallo, which is part of the language group of Oïl.

A bit of history I like

The history of Redon begins in 832 with the foundation of the Abbey of Saint-Sauveur de Redon (see post), by Conwoïon  a Benedictine monk native of Comblessac, under the protection of Nominoë, king of Bretagne/Brittany, on a promontory called Roton ( later Redon). Some of the personalities by here were Saint Vincent Ferrier, a Spanish Dominican from Valencia who preached here in 1418. Duke François II received the King of France Louis XI in Redon in 1462. The States of Brittany met 5 times in Redon, in the 15C and 17C such as in 1446,  1460, 1461,1476 and 1612. Pope Nicolas V erected the city of Redon as a bishopric on June 10, 1449 at the request of Duke François I ; this bishopric included at that time 14 parishes, removed from those of Vannes, Rennes and Saint-Malo. The  election was revoked on December 20, 1440. The town of Redon was handed over to the French in 1487 by the lords united against Duke François II. Mercoeur entered Redon without resistance in 1589, then was driven out by the Royals and his governor Jean de Talhouët in 1595. Vineyards were cultivated in Redon from the 9C.

The Redon market takes place on Mondays from 8h30 to 13h from October to April; and 8h to 14h May to September.

The city of Redon on its history:

The tourist office of South Brittany on Redon:

The Ille et Vilaine dept 35 tourist office on Redon:

And there you go folks a nice off the beaten path town and monument. How often have you visited the city/town hall of a town you are visiting? Well here in my belle France they can be beautiful architecturally stunning buildings such as the case in Redon. Hope you have enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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