Plumelec and the Korrigans!!

Ok this is new for a change after updating many older posts in my blog. I have written on the town of Plumelec before on its church but I need to tell you about a foodie escape as the town is near me. This was done before the virus made our lives a bit harder. Hope you enjoy my little Plumelec and the Korrigans!!!

The town of Plumelec is located in the Morbihan department 56 in the region of Bretagne. In Breton language the town is named Pluveleg. And it is at about 33 km from me, along the road D16, then D115 direction Colpo the Saint Jean-Brévelay and reach Plumelec.

A bit of history I like

It is probable that between 460 and 660, Bretons from the island of Brittany (present-day Great Britain), fleeing their island enslaved by the Anglos and the Saxons, arrived one day from the North on the heights of Lanvaux , along the Roman road coming from Carhaix, which passed south of the current territory of Plumelec. A bloody fight would have taken place between Bretons and Vikings near Kervigo at a place called « Mare au sang » or blood pond in Plumelec around the year 938

The priory of Locmaria, which had a magnificent enclosure surrounded by large walls, was sold as national property in 1792, during the French revolution, and the Sisters driven out, and the buyers subsequently demolished the chapel and the convent. The priory of Saint-Julien de Cadoudal was also sold at the same time , and it has also disappeared since.

As an anecdote , many cycling races pass or arrive at Plumelec via the Cadoudal hill, which has an average gradient of 6.2% and a drop that goes from 43 to 154 meters over 1.8 km. This is why the most prestigious races retain Plumelec as a transit or arrival point such as the Tour de France, the French road cycling championships, etc. The town is also the seat of the Grand Prix de Plumelec-Morbihan, a one-day race organized since 1974. An event counting for the French road cycling cup, it has been ranked 1.1 in the UCI Europe Tour since 2005. Cycling fans and I count, will have a field day coming here for the Grand Prix, more info here:

Some of the things to see here are the Saint-Maurice Church, (see post). The 17C castle of Callac, located at a place called Callac, part of Plumelec. The 16C manor of La Saudraie, located at a place called La Saudraie, part of Plumelec. The 15C manor of Kerangat: the pleasure garden of the estate was created in 1886. The 17C Cadoudal manor. The Notre-Dame Church in Callac, rebuilt at the end of the 19C, contains a silver chalice, dating from the 17C. And the 16C Touche-Berthelot well, located on the Stations of the Cross in Callac. So close yet so much to see we need to be back for more!!!

The town of Plumelec on its history and heritage in French:

The local tourist board of central Morbihan on Plumelec in French :

However, the best stopping by on these little traditional towns is the food! and that we love to be here. Let me tell you about a nice lunch experience in Plumelec!

We ate at Plumelec in the Créperie Les Korrigans. In Breton, the korrigans were dwarfs who lived in the forest and perhaps going back to the meaning of Halloween. One site describes them in French, but I give you what is said of them in English: Korrigans are described as druistes who oppose Christianity when the Apostles came to convert Brittany. They hate priests, churches, and  Saints.  They can predict the future, change shape, and move at lightning speed. They sing and comb their long hair, and they haunt fountains and water wells. They have the power of making men fall in love with them, but they then kill the ones who do. In many popular tales, they are eager to deceive the imprudent mortals who see them dancing or looking after a treasure, and fond of stealing human children. On the night of 31 October (All Souls’ Day =Halloween!!), they are said to be lurking near dolmens, waiting for victims! Here is an Arthurian webpage in French on some stories of Korrigans


The créperie restaurant Les Korrigans at Plumelec is a country setting full of little figurines or korrigans as well as portraits of them. The food is typical Breton and with many prices from local travel guides like the Le Routard, and name by the Brittany tourist house as part of the designation Créperies Gourmandes. The Brittany tourist board in English on Les Korrigans:


The couple owners are fast and courteous and as the time went by more and more talkative. The food is excellent, we had a bottle of Colpo demi sec cider locally done, and the galette of Teuz with the local andouillette sausage and potatoes, and a crêpe of banana, with coconut ice cream, chocolate syrup and flakes of coconuts, express coffee and all came out to less than 20 euros per person! Les Korrigans webpage:


And we came back home after another nice encounter in my beautiful Morbihan at traditional Plumelec and enchanting créperie Les Korrigans. Hope you enjoy the post and see the other on the town. Thanks for reading me over these years!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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