Etel and the ria, great Morbihan!

Ok so now I am updating one nice area near me which we enjoy going especially in warmer weather. This is coastal wonderful Morbihan on a ria, that is a river coming in touch with the Atlantic ocean at pretty Etel! Hope you enjoy it as I do

This visit was on Ascension Day August 15 (2018) in France. So even if my Summer vacation don’t start until tomorrow, I have today’s off lol! Now so much to do out and in house, that I could not come up with something to do , amazing! So I decided to take my boys and have a car ride by the coast. Always sublime my Morbihan breton coast!!

So a whims of air we went to Etel, passing by Ploemel ,Belz , and Saint Cado briefly by car. This is in glorious department 56, Morbihan.  The town is near me of course; as all the coast is… Étel is only 18 km from Auray , 30 km from Lorient and Vannes. Also, 22 km from my home!

A bit of history I like

In the middle of the 19C, Etel fought for its independence from neighboring Erdeven. Etel in Breton language is An Intel. The former territory was called Saint Pierre d’Erdeven ; back in August of 1848, the locals heavily into the sardine business petition to have their own town; finally in 1850, Etel is raised to a town , independent of Erdeven. This is a heavily fish town, back in the 17C with more than 10 boats doing this catch in the area; it had about 12 conservation firms canning goods between 1849 and 1910. However, crises of the Sardine in the end of the 19C and beginning of the 20C made it change its fishing to Tuna. This fishing increase tremendously from 40 boats in 1910 to 220 in 1934, claiming the town as the first in France. The end of WWII put an end to this fishing and the town reorganized into motor boats and boat repairs.

And there is fun for sea lovers in me, for the pleasure boat lover or owner, the harbor marina (Le Port) here is heavens and so picturesque, here are some of the latest ! Talking about the the Harbor well here you can get cruising to the river up stream and into the islands outside on the Atlantic with the company Navix.  webpage:


The harbor info webpage on Etel:

There is a quaint nice water taxi boat between the harbor of Etel and that of Le Magouer across the ria.  Its sort of the little train on water ::)


Two things to know here and beautiful to see and ride on it with pro help are the river of Étel or Ria Étel (in Breton Stêr an Intel) is a small coastal river of the Morbihan in region of Brittany, which flows in an Aber (or ria), meaning that its deep valley is invaded by the sea at rising tide. It is a small bay dotted with islets, the mouth of which lies in the Atlantic Ocean at the level of the town of Étel and that of Plouhinec. At the mouth of the Ria is the bar of Étel, a shoal of underwater sand formed by the crossing of the currents and whose position is variable. This bar makes navigation difficult. A semaphore is built in 1960, on the Plouhinec side, in order to safely guide sailors towards the entrance to the ria.


There is a nice museum of Tuna fishing  (see post musée des thoniers) that better call ahead to make sure is open, a great fish market, and a wonderful SNSM volunteer lifeguard station that I am involved with especially those in Honfleur Normandy.



While we were there today ,there was a antique car collectors meeting and voilà so my wonderful Mustang (Ford) my brand of car and my favorite all time car as used to own one in Florida.  There was a nice Harley-Davidson motocycle and a super Auburn Super Charged !! Also, some fund raising going on inside the old covered market now use for events as well.

The town of Etel, was grand and even saw a buddy from work that lives there! The town is very picturesque with a beautiful marina and nice quaint restos . One resto brought a bit of tears as it was frequent there with my dear late wife Martine and we love it, the Le Cha qui Pêche at the harbor area or Le Port.


Another nice afternoon in my gorgeous Morbihan, and now ready to tackle the job in the house tomorrow and later in the evening see the quarter final match of Spain vs Nigeria for the women U20 World Cup 2018 been played in nearby Concarneau!Aupa España ::) And we were there!!! and Spain won!!!

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

The Bay of Quiberon tourist board on Etel:

The dept 56 Morbihan tourist board on Etel:

Hope you enjoy your Summer wherever you are.  Do enjoy a visit to the ria of Etel in my sublime Morbihan.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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