Nice Guidel!!

This is another beach town in my beautiful Morbihan, there is a Guidel bourg or town and a Guidel plage or beach. We have come here several times and have other posts in my blog. However, wanted to redo this one as resto change and nice memories with the family. Hope you enjoy a bit of sunshine in already cold Morbihan.

We were on our road warrior mode moving right along the coast. We continue for a leisure ride back into the N165 direction Guidel and its beaches. Taking exit 45 at Guidel road D306 direction Guidel you are in town in 15 minutes! We pass by the town to see our old hangouts by car and continue to Guidel Plage or beach along the same road D306 here we stop for lunch at a picturesque stop on the bay along the road D152 several restaurants overlooking the shallow waters of the bay coming in from the ocean.

In Guidel bourg or town, you have a nice Church Saint Pierre et Saint Paul in place Polignac city center,  surrounded by shops ,restos, and parking !

We ate at La Plage (now new management under Ty Beach or breton english of la plage) a resto pizzeria place with a nice fish and chips , Britt Breton blonde beers, coffee and sweets combination or café gourmand , and the other had from chorizo and mussels to four cheese pizza to more fish and chips all with the same beer or desperados and the same café gourmand coming to 22.50€ per person reasonable for a beach town with a view overlooking a nice terrace. It is by the beach Le Bas Pouldu. And this new place , which not visited yet due to the virus, keep the old name and pictures for the family memories, the new ty beach webpage:




The town of Guidel plage or beach is better known to surfers but good for the whole family with shallow water and playground for kiddies; two big section of games and restos ,one by Le Bas Pouldu and the other by plage de la Falaise or cliffs beach.

For the beaches this is a site I use here that is pretty good info , plages tv ; have it on Guidel:

The city of Guidel is famous for it’s surfing mecca; more info here:

Along the beach boulevard road D152 you arrive at Fort Bloqué, (see post) a nice stretch of sandy beach and the great fortress built in 1748,  that like yesterday in low tide you can walk to it! Can’t go in thus, it is a private property! This is already part of the adjacent town of Ploemeur, (see post) more info the beach here that is public.

On the way back, well, we did our groceries right there in Guidel at the Super U supermarket. Just coming back up on road D306 or route des plages direction Lorient. Nice clean store, and friendly service all ready for beachgoers and al.

And this was a nice family short trip along our wonderful coastal town of Guidel, another dandy in the Morbihan breton! Hope you enjoy the ride and keep it in mind for beach time summers.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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