Another day in Vannes!!

And why not updating one of my posts on my capital city of Vannes in my beautiful Morbihan of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France! Hope you are enjoying them as I looking at them again. Thanks

As you know reading my blog, Vannes is the capital city of my departément 56 Morbihan.  This is ,also, the city I work on the outskirts and very much a part of me for the last nine years or so. 

I have walked it’s wonderful medieval streets many times and of course the modern part of the city, always amazed of living so close (27 km/15 miles) and able to visit this marvel left untouch from the ravages of wars past. The inner Vannes goes back originals all to the 14C.


The city of Vannes is part of a metropolitan area covering the towns of  Arradon , Baden, Le Bono, Elven,Le Hézo, île-aux-Moines, île d’Arz, Larmor-Baden, Meucon, Monterblanc , Noyalo, Plescop, Ploeren, Plougumelen, Saint-Avé , Saint- Nolff,Séné, Sulniac, Surzur, Theix, Trédion, Treffléan, La Trinité-Surzur and Vannes.  It is the Capital of the dept 56 Morbihan and host all administrative structures. The public transports with a main train station and bus terminals with the network RICEO covering the metropolitan area.

After Rennes and Brest it is the main pole of University students in Bretagne. The University of Bretagne Sud and the Catholic University of Bretagen Sud.  At the Stade de la Rabine there is an important Club de Rugby in National division of France (2nd).

The flag of the city is a  white Stoat or weasel  in red background wearing a banner of  Hermines. The red background represent the kingdom of the Bro Waroch and the Hermine is the symbol of Brittany.

In addition to the medieval streets, and the great architecture, you have many places of interests from the great festivals to monuments and muséums to visit such as the ramparts of the old city fort castle, the maisons-en-bois or wooden houses numbering still about 120 of them! La Cohue (museum of fine arts/beaux-arts);  Château Gaillard (arqueology /history museum), Château de l’Hermine, hôtel de ville (city hall),and the gardens of the regional government building or préfecture du Morbihan (gardens done under order of Napoleon III); Hotel de Limur and gardens in city center rue Thiers; the beforemention Church of Saint Patern in the district of Saint Patern (oldest in the city), and the Cathedral Saint Pierre; the Chapelle St Yves (now attach to the middle school Jules Simon. (see post on these).

See the great building of Burton the men’s dept store in city center by Rue Billaut, the porte or gate Saint Vincent, the covered market at pl des lices, the harbor area le Port around pl Gambetta, the place du poids public ,place Henri IV, the ramparts and wall towers such as the wonderful Connetable or Constable tower. The famous Vannes et ces femmes or Vannes and its woman, in place Valencia. The laundry of old by the ramparts, the place de la liberation the bus terminal my kids used to go to school and now great parking area.

Of course  ,walking around all day we needed to eat and we stop at one of the quaint places to eat in Vannes old city, the resto Chez la Mére 6 Sous, 11 Rue Thomas de Closmadeuc; great goat cheese salad, mussels and fries, chorizo spanish pizzas , a bottle of brut cider from the Val du Rance all for 15€ per person. webpage:


We went next door  at L’Aromate for smoothies and milkshakes of different flavors for 3,50€ per person. webpage:

On the way out we stop by Olivier Le Brun our favorite pâtissiere at 9, rue Saint Vincent to get our country breads and chorizo and lardon bacon breads ! delicious for 1,70€ each. Just to bring home the bacon! Facebook page:


An additional bit of history on this wonderful city of Vannes I love it! From the times of the original celtic tribes of the Vénétes (which gave the French name to the city as in Breton it is Gwened) who fought the légions of Julius Ceasar of Rome, until finally fallen and name the Roman city of Darioritum. It was the main city of the Vénètes to the end of the 1C, under the rule of Augustus.  The city host the bishops and the Catholic religius orders in the year 465 in the Council of Vannes. This Council name Patern the patron saint of the city ; and one of the founding Saints of Brittany and first bishop of Vannes (see post on Church of Saint Pattern). The city is conquered in 578 by king Waroch II that organises the Bro Waroch, a political enclave where Vannes was the capital city. The Counts and Bishops of Vannes are key figures in the balance between Brittany and France. Vannes became after the War of Succession for Brittany the principal site of the ducal power and theater of the union of Brittany with the kingdom of France in 1532.  After WWI the city is touch by lots of changes and people moving and later after WWII it is marked by the economic growth and people moving back in.

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist board on walks in Vannes:

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist office on Vannes:

The city of Vannes on its history and heritage:

Enjoy Vannes , it is worth a detour ,and me think a must while in the Morbihan. As I wrote this article temps was at 20C and no rain, sun is out; life is beautiful. Hope you enjoy it as I do.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Looks delightful. Joyeux Noël à toi.

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